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Author Topic: minxy mia  (Read 1287 times)


does this girl work for any agencies? was told chantelle@armour was her, although desctription is almost identical the locations don't match up can anyone confirm or deny???

Interested in this myself, I asked a few weeks ago and not had a verification.

I'm hoping she's not the same person, otherwise I've fallen yet again for the studio pics on amour where she looks great, especially when compared to the AW pics ( I still would though)

Link to Chantelle http://www.newcastleescortsagency.co.uk/escorts/chantelle

Not sure how to shorten AW links for Mia
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I can see the similarity, but I have this AW profile picked out as Chantelle. Would she have 2 profiles on AW?


I think this is mentioned in another post?



Its possible that she has two profiles. I have seen her a few times. Great body and now has new enhanced tits. Sometimes can be a bit disinterested in the session although I have had some really good punts with her too.

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