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Author Topic: Sexy Leticia For You, Reading  (Read 4744 times)

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Here's the link: https://www.adultwork.com/1481921 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy+leticia+for+you

I was in Reading overnight for work last night (Wednesday 12 June), arrived in town late, having previously asked if Leticia was available around 10pm. She was travelling back from London so wasn't sure - I didn't think it would happen, which was a shame but there you have it. She eventually contacted me around 10.30, and after a few texts back and forth we met up at 11.30pm. The booking was for 30 minutes, £100 - the top end of what I like to pay, but the photos on AW convinced me, along with the great feedback. Leticia's communication was great - she's in a new, high-end apartment in the centre of Reading, literally 2 minutes from the train station.

To be honest I was worried - worried that it was late and she wouldn't be that interested, and also worried that, because of the few beers and massive dinner I'd had earlier in the evening, I wouldn't be able to "perform" (such is the case sometimes these days, I'm not as young as I was...)

I didn't need to worry. From the moment Leticia opened the door in a crop-top, mini skirt and high heels, I felt the stirrings from little zakk down below. Leticia is really friendly, gorgeous (if her photos are photoshopped it's only VERY minimally - she really does look like that). She really IS the sort of girl you'd see in the street, or on the train, and think "I'd love a bit of that... nah, she'd be way out of my league". She's got an innocent, non-slutty look but with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

Once the business stuff had been dealt with, she was straight into an incredibly sensuous DFK, while lightly scratching my body all over. She then dropped to her knees for OWO, which was a great mixture of tongue action and proper deep throat that nearly tipped me over the edge a couple of times, so I had to ask her to stop.

Then it was onto the bed for more OWO, which became a 69 with me alternating between her pussy and sticking my tongue deep in her ass, which made her start moaning in Portuguese (I think?!)... awesome. After a while I just couldn't take it anymore, so on with the condom and I fucked her from behind.... didn't last long! I knew that anal was on her likes list, but I didn't explore that option during our session. Judging by how she enjoyed me tonguing her ass, though, I reckon she's not a girl who says "yes" to anal in her profile but doesn't actually offer it. 

Leticia really is a gem. She seemed to really enjoy our session, and provides all services with enthusiasm. On top of that, she's personable and her good English makes things a lot easier and more relaxed than it can be with some EE girls (for example). I don't go to Reading often, but I go through there frequently on my way from Bristol to London. She's expensive, but worth it - I'll be returning!


20 review(s) found for sexy leticia for you linked to in above post (18 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

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Leticia used to work at MKEscorts in Milton Keynes, I never met her but she had a good reputation, good to see she's making a go of it as a £150 indie.

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Another very positive review here.


A bit outside my ££ comfort zone but adding Leticia to my hotlist in case I get flush.

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