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Author Topic: Victoria Jane Southampton/Basingstoke  (Read 3308 times)

Offline Hangerman

Has anyone seen Victoria Jane? She usually works in Southampton but has been coming up to Basingstoke every so often recently.

https://www.adultwork.com/1304278 or https://www.adultwork.com/Victoria+Jane


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Offline bsing72

Not seen, I was tempted around the beginning of the year. That was until I saw the section on her profile stating that she was putting her prices up as 'several' of her clients had told her to. This coupled with her assertion that she was 'worth it', has discouraged me from making a booking.

A. If you're gonna put up your prices, don't try to justify it. Everybody knows you've just got greedy or you're struggling for bookings.

B. I think you'll find WE will be the judge of how good you are.

Online Stiltskin

I remember this profile when she had her face pictures showing. I could never work out why she was so expensive. She's got a hot body, but her face was just average.

If she charged £80/£120 I would have seen her, but not at £100/£150.

Offline Hangerman

Thanks for the info guys, I vaguely remember her face pics on her profile from a while back but at £150 ph it at the top end of my budget so she'd have to give really good service..... having said that there seems to be a distinct lack of quality in North Hants at the mo :(

Offline 24021

I've seen her, I was her first punter to do foot worship and she enjoyed it. Really classy, good looking girl who acted out my role play superbly dressed as an office boss!!

No clock watching and very relaxed.

I would recommend her 100%
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