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Author Topic: Bombay, that well known Romanian City.  (Read 4437 times)

Hmm. Where have I seen that expression before? Saafe.
By the twitching of my nose...

Not sure where James is these days but he could smell a prossie poster in a sentence. Only 3 posters from safe have used that term "spidery" but only one of they has an a habit of over using hyphen's...

I don't care if there here as long as they are not posting stupid shit while pretending to be punters as I feel that deserves a lifetime ban.

As for the topic, they are slightly darker skinned romanians that could pull off 'being indian', verification is the one thing AW has got right to help prevent this. As someone mentioned if so many EE's didn't try to trick people that they are something else then this wouldn't be a requirement.

Offline Barry Shipton

I don't care if there here as long as they are not posting stupid shit while pretending to be punters as I feel that deserves a lifetime ban.
Just the point I made in this thread
But they're easy to spot because they
1) Blatantly tout
2) Do unbelievable reviews of themselves
3) Bitch about other girls
4) Pretend to be their own boyfriend
5) Are stupid and careless
Probably needs a guide on how to spot them. Don't think you'll find any of the above in my old posts - but thanks for the 'stupid shit' compliment, won't deny that.

And I've already had a run in with James - probably had me marked down as a fluffy liberal in his eyes but don't think even he had me down as a woman.

I think what Sofia was explaining is their policy - if you are unverified you choose what nationality you want to put on if any. If you are verified then all East Europeans - not just Romanians - have to display their nationality, but those outside Eastern Europe have a choice.

You seem to know a lot about the inner workings of the verification system and the various escort options available, Barry..
I'd expect Sofia to know because she's an escort and has a AW profile...escorts see that side, punters don't.


Offline Barry Shipton

The clue is 'I think' not 'I know' - all I did was précis what Sofia said in five paragraphs down to three lines because the other poster didn't seem to understand her.
My fault for trying to be helpful.

Hang on a sec - can't type and juggle wet wipes at the same time, just got a client at the door. Doh.....

Offline Marmalade

As someone with a certain heritage, it reminds me of nothing like that. There is a vast difference between persecution and AW trying to stop scammers/liars.

True. And Romanians, after all, have a choice whether to join the AW website. There is no comparison to the anti-Semitic armband mentioned above as Jews had no choice but to wear it in their everyday lives.

Offline Marmalade

It's just occurred tonne that different laws apply to different EU nationals so maybe it might be linked.

Offline tuanjim

Comparisons to Nazis/Hitler/Third Reich just never work. Never any reason to go there.

It's unfortunate that any one nationality or group is singled out but there does seem to be reason for it. I doubt the made that decision lightly.

I'm curious about the Panamanian community of Aberdeen, though. Who knew?

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