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Author Topic: ELITE CLASS NO1  (Read 2831 times)

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Offline rnrn636



This slovak girl caught my eye yesterday and I tried to meet her. She was difficult to get hold of but I eventually managed to arrange a meet for this morning. Booked 1 hour and the experience has made me write my first full report.

She is working in a hotel in Nottingham. Nice enough looking girl, although to be honest I was expecting her to be better looking in an out of my league sort of way but I was definitely not disappointed. dressed in a black dress and high heels.

As soon as the door was closed she was onto me with kisses and wandering hands. No time wasting tactics with this girl. Off with the dress to reveal a great looking pair of above average sized firm  tits in some nice underwear.  More kissing and she asked for the money about five minutes in (I would normally just offer on entry but she pounced on me that quickly I did not get chance!)

So off with my boxers and she got me to lie on the bed kissing me all over, moving down my body and started to do some oral without. Takes it all in her mouth down to the bottom. After about ten minutes she started moving back up my body again. Smile on her face and again kissing me all over. I asked her if she could carry on with the oral which she did with enthusiasm til i came in her mouth. she cleaned me and herself up and then she was straight onto me again! I asked for a massage as I needed ten minutes recovery time!

Good massage and really friendly chat. She offered me a choice of drinks but I just asked for water. Her English is not perfect but I found it quite cute. She was saying that she lives in London and has a normal job there in a well known store on the high street, then only goes away every few weeks for a couple of days at a time around the uk for some extra cash.

After the massage she got me hard again, we tried 69 for a while which she seemed to enjoy, and I had to tell her to stop before I blew my load again as I wanted to fuck her. Felt fairly tight when she lowered herself on me. Nice heavy breathing from her but not too over the top which you get from some girls which tends to put me off and is more likely to make me laugh then turn me on! tried a few positions but I am a boob man and wanted to watch her tits jiggling while I was in her so opted for missionary more than any other til I blew my load again. I took the condom off and she asked if I wanted to come in her mouth and I said too late I already have! But she started sucking again anyway draining every last drop!

She offered me a shower afterwards but I just went for a wash over the basin. No rush to leave and I think we probably chatted a little over.

Definite recommend. Probably the best attitude and GFE that I have experienced. The whole hour she had a smile on her face and seemed to be enjoying herself. There has been many times where I walk away from a punt with regret thinking about the money I have just wasted for average/shit hour spent but not today. Its a good thing that she is only on tour in the area as I would be skint very quickly.

Go see her before she goes home  :thumbsup:

2 review(s) found for ELLITE CLASS NO1 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline CoolTiger

Thanks for the report, and good to see a punter have a good time in the East Mids.

Pity it's already her last day in Nottm (unless that is amrketing ploy!!)

Looking at her photos, IMHO they appear to shopped. Having seen her, would you agree?

Offline rnrn636

Thanks for the report, and good to see a punter have a good time in the East Mids.

Pity it's already her last day in Nottm (unless that is amrketing ploy!!)

Looking at her photos, IMHO they appear to shopped. Having seen her, would you agree?

Its possible that the photos are a little touched up yes although not over the top like you get on some EE profiles.

It is definitely her but they are good photos. In real life she is far from ugly and If you meet her you will fancy her but for some reason I was expecting her to be someone with the looks you only see in fantasies if you know what I mean.

Offline tda666

I have seen Elite Class too and can happily verify the above report as it was a very similar experience that I had too. I only booked 30 mins when she was staying in a hotel on the south coast last year. Again she jumped me as soon as I was in the room (I thought that was just me!) and she had a lovely big smile on her face during the whole meeting. I had DFK, OWO, sex in cowgirl, doggy & mish then finished off over her tits and neck. She is very cute and giggly, English is pretty difficult to understand as she speaks very quickly. She is late 20's and 100% the girl in the pics however they do of course flatter her as you would expect but I can't imagine anyone would be disappointed when she opened the door. She had a great attitude, good fun and a was a lovely fuck.

Offline rnrn636

She has gone :(

Now in Scarborough. 

Offline SC

Suggestion: go see Claire Sexy 1989 (AW) while she is up there. And then let me know how she is. I love her to bits and have seen her 20+ times, so i am eager to her what she does with others, and how willing she is with others....

Offline rnrn636

Crap. She is back in nottingham and I cant afford it this week   :cry:

I don't normally like withdrawing cash on it but maybe credit card time  :D

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