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Author Topic: Jaded?  (Read 2416 times)

Offline softlad

And weren't as formulaic as frequently goes with conversing in a limited English vocabulary. I can't think of many English-language heavens. The dialect in Scotland is not that difficult though.

Try telling that to Kenny Dalglish..... :P
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Offline Jimmyredcab

Well add air fares, accommodation and other expenditure if you want a less 'grass is greener' figure. But at least when each individual punt is cheap it means not having to let so much ride on it .

I don't go to Thailand "just" for cheap sex, in fact I will sometimes go three days without actually indulging, my next trip stands me in £70 a night for the flight and hotel, you have to bear that in mind when you hear about £30 overnighters.
Your second point is a good one, when punts are costing £30 it is not the end of the world when one goes wrong. ;) ;)

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