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Author Topic: MSPs to avoid  (Read 2553 times)

Offline Marmalade

Another idiot not to vote for.
Notice he complains about the letter of the law. Not whether there was a nuisance, not whether residents were feeling hassled, not whether the law was helpful, just that someone - that could be an activist - 'complained.' Complained that the law wasn't being prosecuted vigorously enough.

I could complain about someone not being prosecuted for dropping a piece of litter. But they would consider whether harm was being done or whether it was just a shop receipt or maybe even a shopping list. But with kerbcrawlers, the harm is assumed.

I am not defending street walking. But such simplistic pleasing of complainers on a sensitive topic shows someone is acting with an agenda rather than in the interests of justice or their constituents.

Chisholm is a long standing incumbent. A 'comfy' seat. Seems he's also a yes man.


If 18 locations were raided, 7 were saunas, were the other locations flats run by independents?
If so, were they randomly selected - I assume our officers of the law can view AW?

Offline Thehun10

I don't think it's illegal for two consenting adults to have sex in a flat.

Scotland, it's like living in Nazi Germany.

Offline seeker

Hi .M
The link doesent seem to work . :unknown:

Offline Marmalade

Hi .M
The link doesent seem to work . :unknown:

I've just clicked on it from the post and it worked fine. Its a PDF download so you'll need an acrobat plugin or similar.

Offline Marmalade

From http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/politics/msp-margo-macdonald-blasted-plans-1941274

Good old Margo
Quote from: Margo Macdonald
“The new boss of Scotland’s police unbelievably and unforgivably plans to turn the clock back to a time before Edinburgh led the thinking on how to manage prostitution.

“It’s very disappointing that the new force will ignore the more realistic way of dealing with the sex industry in a vain attempt to eliminate prostitution.”


Quote from: DailyRecord
One sauna had its licence suspended while 30 women of different nationalities were interviewed./quote]

Anyone know which one?
Somewhere shit perhaps?

Offline Thehun10

Was this the reason for last weeks raids?


Couldn't be reported until today.

Offline Marmalade

Difficult to say. It might have been another factor in the pot. Speaking of which, it sounds quite a healthy proceeds to go into the constabulary's 'pot.'

Haven't heard of the agency myself and haven't been to a brothel in Grosvenor Street. There was a very nice flat with good service in nearby Hill St for a while but it closed down when locals complained.

A few more details

"Stunned policemen" found leaflets for a sexual health clinic for prostitutes. Really. Copers shocked and amazed. I don't think so.  :rolleyes:

You'd think she would have spent some of the dosh on some plastic surgery for her face. But I see nowhere crimes any serious crimes being reported, such as forced trafficking, coercion or underage girls. Which is why it stands out as a coper's shot aided by any sentiment sick Rhoda can whip up.

Thousands upon thousands into police coffers.

Zeros upon zeros of women 'saved.'
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Offline Marmalade

Website still up. Gallery looking unsurprisingly bare.  ;)

Offline Marmalade

It seems terrorising WGs is not the only indication of a poorer police force since the merger


Offline Thehun10

I think they raided the WG flats because of the Margaret Paterson case.
They could not have done it before Friday because the trial had not finished.
The saunas were not their main target but served a purpose of Glasgow putting Edinburgh in it's place.

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