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Author Topic: police tolerance levels  (Read 1669 times)

Offline pilgrim

How is it that different police forces can operate different tolerance in regards to massage parlours/saunas operating within their boundary?

Marmalade has posted in the Scotland thread about the recent raids in Edinburgh.  I am amazed at the difference in attitudes across the UK.   http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/clampdown-on-brothels-as-police-scotland-raid-saunas.21288301
It seems that a new brush sweeps clean.  Mr House, the new commander of the Scottish police force has instigated these raids in Edinburgh.  I wonder now if he will turn his attention to all the gay parlours that operate in glasgow to meet the need of the councilors. These were formally "straight" saunas.  It seems that the police have turned a blind eye to the pimp who operates the  biggest agency in Scotland with flats in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh.  These WGs recently were interviewed concerning the Govan based policeman who is accused of stealing £200,000 of cash and drugs, then spending it on prossies.

How do the pimps that run and benifit financially from Sandys in Manchester continue to operate ?? They have 7-8 girls available 7 days a week at at least two premises.

Offline ManBat

there's probably a lot of work involved for the police for a reasonably low level of return. if the brothels, saunas or individual wg flats are discrete and not causing issues with the neighbours, why bother trying to close them when they have so many other targets and bigger crimes to prioritize?

I'd guess that as the police and crime commissioners come round for election in 3 years we may see greater action. breaking up "sex rings" and closing brothels looks good in the paper and election newsletters
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Online Marmalade

A certain individual has questioned renewal of Edinburgh saunas at the licensing, questioning the blind eye policy and accusing the committees of licensing brothels in all but name. They asked him if he had any evidence (at least to shut him up in the short term) but the new head of police, ex-Glasgow (famous for its failed prossie bashing policies with strings of murdered prossies), seems wants to put his stamp on things, show he is different from his predecessors and rival to the job. The actual law itself is wide enough to be manipulated politically.

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