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Author Topic: Tyra Lewinski AdultWork  (Read 1364 times)

Offline mad4it



Looks pretty much my type and has slowly been building feedback so all good - I'm just wondering if she's new to the industry into AW or if she worked for one of the agencies before - she looks quite similar to a girl that worked for Escorts North East last year who I saw and was ok but nothing special so would appreciate any info before I take the plunge  :D


looks gd but too much up her own arse, and too pricey for me, let me know anyways if u see her

was that the name of the young lady who opened her mouth for President Clinton?

Offline rpg

was that the name of the young lady who opened her mouth for President Clinton?


I've sent her two emails on AW, which have both been read and deleted.

I should add they were merely querying her availability and by no means is my feedback poor.

Offline Lovely coconuts

Might just take calls.  Looks like she has a fit body hard to tell with them daft pics.  I wouldn't book without seeing a normal pic I can't even tell which origin she is other than human and female

Offline petene8

...and now she's gone, another AW fake?

Offline Lovely coconuts

Still there changed her name

Offline mad4it

And upped her 1 hour incall rate from £130 to £150 at the same time  :dash:

Offline Randy101

What about this part on her profile...

Q. Are you white English ??   A. Yes half my mother is from wales... but I like to keep my deep beautiful tan glowing x

Q. Do you see asian or anything other then white English guys ??   A. No, I dont sorry. I have respect for all races & DO NOT want to offend anyone ! .. This is just my personal preference . x

 :dash: :dash:

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