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Author Topic: Brandi @ Diamonds  (Read 1065 times)

Offline Lovely coconuts

Hi her intro states 'this lady needs no introduction and has an excellent reputation' - I don't recognise her though.  Is it the old Lilly / faith?  Im thinking of booking would just like to know incase I've seen her before

Any help appreciated


don't tgink that's the old Lilly, look at my avatar

Offline Lovely coconuts

I know mate I'm just trying to guess who it is.  Lilly was mint one of if not the best thinks she's down Leeds now though.  So who is Brandi lol


Leeds eh I know she went to Manchester alot aswell, any idea what name she uses now, am curious, anyone else get much info from her when she was around or was it just me, I feel bborderline stalker with what I know about her

Offline Lovely coconuts

Was a parlour can't remember name

Anyway back to Brandy anyone help?

Definitely not Lilly (she was fantastic though, she could turn me on with just her laugh!)

Not one I recognise... :dash:
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Offline Lovely coconuts

The intro is odd if no one can recognise her maybe it's Kirsten?  I'm just guessing brunettes now with big boobs!

Unless the tattoo is new, its not her either....Can't see her working for diamonds tbh

Offline mad4it

I don't know who she is, but it isn't Kirsten I'm afraid!

Offline Lovely coconuts

Bet if I ask they won't tell me either lol

Offline toon972

I have seen Brandi and know she has a young one,if that helps.I have never seen Faith so cant help you there

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