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Author Topic: anyone seen her? cool_victoria currently in nottingham  (Read 2599 times)

Offline rnrn636


She has good feedback.
long enjoys list -  My plan is for loads of kissing and oral to completion in mouth, maybe 69 if she is hot enough (but I have to really fancy her for this). Followed by a good massage on each over to recover. Then a round of sex with loads more kissing and maybe some backdoor action to finish if I fancy it. Anyone know if likes list is accurate and she definitely offers all this?

Do you know if she is working from an appartment or hotel? - I only ask because i have been put off visiting hotels since being stopped by reception at one about a month ago!
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Offline CoolTiger

She was previously in Bracknell then Ipswich, and has been discussed on here...


Offline victor407

Offline CoolTiger

A punting friend of mine went to see Victoria in Nottingham, based on the query by rnrn636 and the reply I posted above.
Here is his feedback.......

"I visited Cool Victoria on the strenght of the review left on UKP by victor407.
Whilst a good visit, not as mind blowing for me as the guy.
Good bits:
Pics accurate, great body
General friendly personaility with good english
Conservative with the FK, certainly no DFK
Gave an enthusiactic bit of rimming but technique was nothing special
Oral (with CIM) was decent
Not so good bits:
Felt like she rushed it a little.  I was out within 20mins of the 30min appointment
About 5 mins in, I offered to make it into an hour appointment for the extra £40. She said
if I said from the outset, I could have but as I was over 10 mins in (I know it was way less but..)
she said it would have to be treated as another 30mins for £60.

She didn't have another appointment after me so her loss.
She says she never really stays in one place for more than a couple days, always touring
different citiies.  She could be back in Notts within a couple weeks.
My View: I probably wont bother visiting her again.  Plenty more fish in the sea.

Offline victor407

I hate feeling rushed!
I booked an hour with her and was there for the entire time and did not feel rushed at all!

She is hot though!?

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