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Author Topic: When I was interviewed by the police.  (Read 1058 times)

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No, not for kerb crawling! :D

Many years ago there were a few agencies and indeed a few parlours in my town. Now there are none.
It must be getting on for 20 years ago, certainly before the internet, I used a local agency called Angels. I had girls come to my home and I remember they charged just 50 or 60 pounds. Angels wasn't the only agency I used as I used a lot from Sheffield too, but from what I remember the experiences with Angels were quite good. I remember seeing one girl three times and maybe a couple of others once. As I say the prices were a bit cheaper than the Sheff agencies too. I was therefore disappointed when they stopped advertising.

I was surprised a few weeks later when one Saturday afternoon I received a phone call from a police sergeant asking if I could visit the station. When I asked him what it was about he said Angels escorts. Not knowing that I could have simply said no at the time I went to the police station worried that I was going to get into trouble.

When I got there I was interviewed by this sergeant who made it clear that I wasn’t in trouble. I was there just as a witness. He said they’d interviewed many of the girls just as witnesses too. He asked me in some detail what we got up to when the girls came to my home - did they take their clothes off, did money change hands, did intercourse take place, etc.
As I say it was only much later that I found out you didn’t have to co-operate.

Now what was most interesting about this interview was when the sergeant said, ‘I reckon this is a load of bollocks personally, we have far better things to do. But the council have told our bosses we have to clean it up and that’s what we are doing.’

He also told me that the man and woman who ran the Angels agency wouldn’t get in much trouble as they had come clean and pleaded guilty straight away and it was their first offence. However the man they were really after was one who ran another agency in town who was a really nasty piece of work and treated the girls badly. He said he deserved to be jailed. I’d never used his agency but had spoken to the man on the phone a couple of times, where interestingly he spoke very ‘posh’ and sounded extremely respectable. I don’t actually know what happened to him.

However the man and woman who ran Angels were fined about £800 each, which was probably considerably less than they had made in the six months or so the agency was operating. However what was also interesting was that it transpired the woman was an ex mayor of the town! Consequently the story made the front page of the local rag where they misreported it as ‘Ex Mayoress fined for running brothel!’
In the report they said she had girls work from her home (in an upmarket area of town) and men visited them at all hours. Now this may have been true but as far as I was aware Angels, like most agencies in those days, was outcall only.

Anyway a number of consequences came out of this incident.

The town lost its few agencies and has remained 'clean' virtually ever since. There has been the odd woman working from a flat (I have reported my recent experience of one in another thread) but they usually haven’t lasted long, and the town, at least as far as I am aware, has remained very much a paid sex free zone. Consequently this adds weight to my theory that there is less choice than in the pre internet days. My nearest paid sex is now entirely in Sheffield.

It also put me off having girls visit my home somewhat as I didn’t realise that agencies kept your details like that. Maybe many don’t, but some evidently do.
I did still have many home visits even after that, but because of personal circumstances, my own changing attitude towards home visits, an incredibly nosey neighbour and the greater availability of incall escorts I haven’t had a home visit for years.

I remember having to smuggle the excellent Jessica of ABC, who I saw regularly, out in the back of my car once when the neighbour was lurking on the drive at 11pm.
I’d also seen the far less than excellent Nicola (again I’ve mentioned her many times before) probably the worst experience I’ve ever had, certainly at home. She went off up my drive shouting at me after I’d told her to leave for being crap. She was confrontational and aggressive from the start and basically wanted the money (all of which she got!) for doing nothing. She was one of the ‘some men pay me to talk' school! It transpired she’d behaved exactly the same with someone else on my estate.

The other thing that came out of this was the attitude of the police, or at least that individual officer, who said they had better things to do.
But ultimately it seems it’s all down to the attitude of the local council as to whether paid sex is to be tolerated in a particular area.

They must have lots of councillors who pay for sex themselves in Milton Keynes!
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Ugh... I sure hope that modern agencies/brothels are more aware of the Data Protection Act ;-)

Sounds like the Bill was on a bit of a fishing expedition... you were right to nibble but not bite!


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