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Author Topic: Anyone seen this girl before ? chanel247 in Birmingham  (Read 1674 times)

Offline joshul

Hey all,

Got a booking next weekend with this girl...


Anyone seen her ?...any good ??
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Offline lovingfacials

Do not go, I am sure she has been outed before as a scammer.rip off merchant, ide remember that 'starfish anywhere

ire have alook for the link,  but sure she was working under a different name..............if I am wrong I will hold my hand up & say sorry, being looking at profile f/b says good, but I recall problems with her being discussed

hold off/plan a plan b.............but i think others will be able to confirm my fears
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Offline aardvark

To be fair, she seems to have a substantial amount of feedback.

Offline joshul

I saw she has been a member since 2009, so over 4 years now, and has fb of 217 at the moment, I would have thought if she
was a scammer, she would have been outed by now ?...and gone the way of the other scammers, change of name and start again...

So far, I have managed not to get scammed, I have had a few "poor" punts but not outright scammed...but there's always
that possibility isn't there...will take usual precautions, am staying pretty close to where she is so will walk rather than drive
that way, my car is safe !...and of course just take the agreed fee with me and my "punting" mobile not my "normal" mobile !

BUT has anyone actually met her in the flesh ?..

Offline Taggart

Seems to be 2 threads on this lady.

Yes, I've seen her, she's genuine and not a scammer as suggsted.

See this forum link: https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=13520.msg207624#msg207624

Offline joshul

Ta for the replies guys, doesn't matter now though, have had to cancel as work moved my work for
the weekend to Scotland instead of Brum !...

Offline DannyJames

Bb listed as an enjoy. No thanks jeff

Bb listed as an enjoy. No thanks jeff

Can confirm she is BB lady and this should be in WestMids

Offline CoolTiger

Can confirm she is BB lady and this should be in WestMids

She tends to visit Nottm on odd occasion, may explain the OP putting this thread in the East Mids section.

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