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Author Topic: North Angels  (Read 1009 times)

Offline Randy101

I came across this today.  Has anybody used them or do we think they are fakes?


Looking at the pics, got to be fake, however I'll be very happy to be proved wrong

Offline Randy101

Just came across their site too http://www.northangels.co.uk.  These pics do look too good to be true.  What do the rest of you guys think real or fake ladies ??

Offline prebel

Looks fake, they have exactly the same WGs listed under a Nottingham Agency


Offline Prestige Escorts

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and very  similar   Telephone numbers
07769 69 69 69
07447 69 69 69
07795 69 69 69

Yeah, I reckon fake. It's an awful lot of trouble to go to like though isn't it?


I don't get it,what's the point in putting fake profiles up?

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