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Author Topic: Barbican - BIANKA - Great Punt today  (Read 4724 times)

2 review(s) for ---bianka--- (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Had a 1 hour session with Bianka today -  https://www.adultwork.com/1979046 - As per previous report she is very good looking, yall, great figure great suckable nipples, tits and arse excellent, and 100% as per her profile - She is a bit crazy - In a very nice way, great smile and happy to chat to relax you - she working  as a student 3 days per week - studing to be a dentist.. Young early 20's, does kissing and ended with a very good CIM.

I had several wg's on my list today as i knew i would finish my meetings in Fenchurch St EC3 by 2.30. Called an hour earlier and arranged an hour for 3pm. Bianka answered the call and confirmed by text adddress which is only a 5 min walk from the Barbican station next to the famous Italian Conti dancing school. Front discreat entrence to flat on 4th floor. Nice clean bedroom and shower room.

Bianka greeted me at door she had a very short red dress that showed her great figure, very pretty face and nice all round person as per profile - had a quick shower and after paper work and chat we had lots of touching and kissing - she was bounching all over and really getting into the session, Finished off with CIM and she took all ot it in.

Everything about her was very good - stunning figure, perfect size 8/10 and very pretty face.. Great VFM for London City. She currently share her flat with a girl called Lilly who is also Great looking and stunning - after we finished and i was getting dressed she popped in to see if all ok and we had a chat - nice to have a chilled out session talking to 2 great looking wg's -

Lilly is also perfect size 8/19 with great pretty face and has a great personality, both girls very educated and conversation in English during and after our session was not an issue. Unfortuneatly Lilly is off back to Poland next few days and is unavailable for a few weeks as would love to do a 2nd session with BOTH girls -

To sum up - Bianka is a very beautiful girl - tall, pretty stunning, great tits and arse and service ticks all the boxes. 1st impressions of Lilly is that she is also great looking, stunning and also i think would be a very good session.

Would dearly love to try a duu session amd may try and fix maybe end of June.

Happy Punting

2 review(s) found for ---bianka--- linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline DH

Good to see she did CIM for you. Not sure how they decide who are eligible for CIM as on the other thread it was not on offer (did you pay extra for cim?)

Offline LL

Good to see she did CIM for you. Not sure how they decide who are eligible for CIM as on the other thread it was not on offer (did you pay extra for cim?)
I read that she said no to CIM when billybob asked her - but that might just be because he only booked 30 minutes and Panel999 paid for an hour?


She was OK with me for CIM - she did take all and then went to bathroom to spit out but great session yesterday. Want to do stunning lilly now but she is off to Poland now

Offline larry76

Great report panel, she looks gorgeous.
Do you know if she charge extra for anal?


Not sure as never asked too busy with everything else but if she did actually do A then it would be very tight as she has a very small enterence..Saying that her profile does say A level!!

Offline Riptor

She used to be called Francesca and worked close to the barbican station in 2010 aged 25. This thread written in 2010 from auto-censored is evidence its the same girl. Advertises as Polish and Italian but could be Russian.  :rolleyes:


A few points to be wary of.

She had a habit of poor time keeping, and her recent feedback this is still the case. Raoulk 18/05/2013 said he missed 10 minutes of the appointment. I wouldn't surprise me if she was 10 minutes late.

Her photos are over 3 years old, from her old adultwork profile in April 2010. She was 25 then so that makes her at least 29 now.

She doesn't do A levels as she sees too many clients in a day to prepare for it without douching, lubricant and anal stretches. This is part of her pushy upselling. If you don't stand your ground a £60 30 minute booking becomes £90 of beng out of pocket.  :scare:
Again still the case with rapscallion80 20/04/2013 saying be sure to tip her well.  :sarcastic:

CIM again I can only go by by what happened in 2010. She did it but I guess with her now being a Dental student she is worried about oral hygeine.  :cool:
« Last Edit: June 02, 2013, 11:12:29 AM by Riptor »


Point taken Riptor - all i can say is that if she is 28/29 then she looks a  loy younger - she can get away with being anything from 23 to 25 - has a very young pretty baby face. Yes i can see about the time keeping although i was on time she did like to talk!!!

Offline Riptor

The gallery pictures look very different to how she did in 2010- hence why she's using her old photos.
Her white bra and panties shot in the hallway from 2010 you can tell she was a lot thinner back then.

But click on the gallery tab and view the red knickers, hair extensions and soft focus pics are a tell-tale sign she is not confident using them as her main pics- it has to be said.  :unknown:


Plus you can tell she has had some serious cosmetic surgery on her face. The private gallery you can see an evolution from sharp cheekbones to facial implants and a botox lip job. I'd say at least £1500-£2000 worth of surgery right there.
« Last Edit: June 03, 2013, 02:36:44 PM by Riptor »

Hmm - is this definitely the same girl as Francesca22? Contrary to lots of the lukewarm/negative feedback on here, I saw Francesca a few times a couple of years ago, and I always had a great time - she was one of the few WGs I visited more than once (including a pretty memorable threesome with another girl from that Barbican flat - Amber I think her name was). This girl (Bianka) looks REALLY different to me... I know girls can put weight on which might change their look a little, but Bianka looks like she's got totally different eyes.... I definitely stand corrected if I'm wrong, but would be interested to know if we have proof one way or t'other. If Bianka and Francesca22 ARE one and the same, then I'm off to see her the next time I'm in London... ZM

Offline ouv

If Bianka is Francesca22, then I have met her twice in the past, and I have to say, she has done a lot to herself, I couldn't recognize her from the photos at all. Tbh, she wasn't bad or anything, she seemed to be friendly, and playful, but there's something missing in her, I don;t know, maybe I'm just picky. I would put her as plan B.


She does have a slight scar about 1 inch near her check bone on the right side of her face , no issue from my point But i know some of you UKP members like a very clear face with no marks, not sure if this was as a result of surgery? but she has great body tall great figure and i still say a very pretty face.  I would def return back for a 2nd visit and would love to do a duo with her flat mate LIlly..

Hi Panel - does Lilly have an AW profile?


Cannot seem to find Lilly on AW, asked Bianka by email to reply but no answer back last 2 weeks?

Offline andrei

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (andrei, london_lad_2)


When she is away she takes her profile off AW. Hope she comes back soon next few weeks!!! would like to do another hour with her.

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