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Author Topic: Guildford and Woking - Exodus  (Read 1760 times)

Anybody know why there seems to have been a mass exodus of decent parlours from Guildford and Woking?

In the past I have used Guildford Gold and Independent Angels of Woking and have met some great girls however both of these "parlours" have now moved to Camberely which although os not a million miles away its just not convenient.

Have the local councils clamped down on activity, on my last visit to the Angels, before they moved Karolina mentioned that they were having issues with neighbours, perhaps the local landlords have kicked them out!

All we are left with now are a couple of small outfits that only seem to use EE girls and none of them have decent websites or AW profiles, Belle de Jour in Old Woking have a basic site but with no actual photos of the girls that are working.

Any recommendations of independent girls working in these areas as my wrist is starting to ache!




Offline baltar

Independent Angels is very close to me, but Im quite unsure about them because you so rarely find feedback on AW due to the booking system... is it worth the risk?

Offline Tailpipe

You must no of http://academyescorts.com

I have not punted for a time but was always good

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