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Author Topic: Anyone seen Lexee in Leicester before?  (Read 1448 times)

Offline jackgold

Anyone seen Lexee in Leicester? Had her on my list for a while but concerned by the lack of decent pictures.


Offline CoolTiger

Not seen her, but she's been around for AGES!!

Used to work at a Parlour on Woodgate, then moved to Nottm.
(SHe must have been good there, cos she refers to her working name from there, to remind punters who she is)

She has been well discussed on auto-censored and some of the comments related to
her price, given her age, and also the fact that than when you piad the extras for OWO, etc,
cost was £150+ ph!!

Offline CoolTiger


She's back... and now £90ph!!

Offline Sj135

I saw her and her partner as my first punt in 2010. A hotel in Leicester and they went by Georgina and Adam.
Beautiful blonde with stunning eyes is something I remember. Not sure about her age, she was looking mid to late 30's then.
Great service and she was clearly very experienced.

Offline pictisunum

Back in my parlour days and when Lexee was Lucy she was as much of a phenomenon as the hotly debated current favourites on here. She was the woman I saw most often back then (I stopped punting when I became involved in a new relationship). As Lucy she was gorgeous with bewitching blue eyes and a fantastic body. She was intelligent and had a wonderful personality. Sexually she was very passionate and gave and received pleasures with equal intensity. Oh the memories! I haven't seen her as Lexee but her AW feedback rings some accord for me. I imagine that she continues to offer a similar service.

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