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Author Topic: Mia & Elsa (Olina) Agency - Exceptional Service  (Read 4283 times)

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250 GBP for 1 hour for duo

I had a streak of poor punts and was looking for a sure thing.  Much has been written about these girls on here and it is all true!  Wow, what a freaking amazing experience.  Two very sexy ladies all over me, enthusiastic fucking and sucking, and i walked out of there a very happy man.

Comms: Arranged a few days in advance by text with Olina, although they are on a most of the other asian sites.  I was able to get my preferred time on a friday evening without any problems.  Booking was quick, easy, and professional.

Location: 10 minute walk from Edgeware Road tube station.  Easy to find.  Be careful on those stairs going down to the basement flat!  My fun was had in the first bedroom on the left.  I know they share the place with at least one of WG, but did not see anyone else.  Shower facilities good.

The girls:
Mia - Short, pretty, and pretty good body.  Petite but not super toned.  Very well done set of enhanced D's.  I much prefer natural tits, but these were nice and her body was good.  I'd say early 30's.
Elsa - More attractive then Mia and younger.  Slightly slimmer and much more toned.  Great waist to hips ratio.  Similar, though slightly smaller, bolt-ons.  Very hot.  probably late 20's.

The action: Where to even start.  I was buzzed in to find the girls standing in the hallway in black lingerie.  Paperwork handled right up front and they were all over me.  Lots of kissing and groping over my clothes by both.  And this was DEEP kissing, especially Mia.  She just attacked my face.  Elsa handed me a towel while Mia was speedily removing my clothes.  I was pointed to the shower and rinsed off quickly, wanting to get right to the action.

I walked back in to the room and it was on.  Both girls just all over me.  A total blur, so I can't be positive about all the details.  Both girls alternately snogging my face off while the other one slobbered all over my cock.  Excellent OWO with lots of eye contact and enthusiasm.  I asked for a double BJ and this was the only real disappointment, although a small one.  they would not do a true double BJ, but instead one would suck the shaft while the other one licked and sucked on my balls, then they'd do a quick wet wipe job, and switch.  It was still good though, and seeing these two beauties on their knees worshiping my cock was quite the site. 

Somehow during this standing phase their clothes were removed.  I don't really remember it.  They then had me sit on the bed and Mia shoved her tits in my face while Elsa found another gear on her already fantastic OWO.  I was getting close to popping and wanted to slow down to savor, so asked her to stop for a moment.  Mia didn't hesitate and immediately put the condom on me and pushed me onto by back.  She jumped on for some enthusiastic and vigorous cowgirls.  Tons of eye contact and she acted like my dick was the greatest thing she'd ever experienced.  I know this is an act, but she does a good job of acting, and it turned me on.  While she was riding me like there was no tomorrow, Elsa had her tits in my face with my finger rubbing her clit.  I had planned to do a CIM, but Mia was just too good and I popped inside her. 

Quick clean up and Elsa offers a massage while i recuperate.  I lay on my stomach while Elsa gave me good thai massage and mia gave me a foot massage.  Having these two hot women all over me was too much, and i turned over after about 5 minutes and was ready for round 2.  The quickness of my recovery period surprised Elsa in particular, but i was in heaven and wanted to keep the action going.

What ensued during round two was lots more sucking, RO on both, and fucking both girls in multiple positions.  the highlight was probably Elsa in doggy with her kneeling on the bed and me standing.  She has an incredible ass and can take a hard pounding.  While this was going on, Mia stood on the bed straddling her partner's ass and alternated between snogging my face off and shoving her tits in my face.  Between Elsa's ass and waist and Mia's big tits, I couldn't help but feel that I wished I had another set of hands!  Mia is the perfect height to press her hands against the ceiling while standing on the bed.  After a few more girl and position changes, second pop happened with Mia giving OWO while Elsa kissed me and played with my balls.  Just phenomenal.

We chatted for a few moments while i got my breath back.  Mia still snugged up and kissing me.  I went to the shower for a quick rinse and the girls helped me get dressed.  Well, mostly Elsa helped me get dressed - Mia was still snogging me and rubbing my cock and ass.  I didn't get the feeling that they were rushing me out at all.  We hugged and kissed goodbye, and I walked out the door right on time.

Verdict: Phenomenal, awesome, exciting, utterly fucking amazing.  I'm very new to the punting scene (this was only my 5th one), but it was hands down the best.  I'll definitely be back.  Keeping up duo habit may be a bit too expensive, but i'd be happy to see either girl by themselves.  If i had to chose one, i'd probably prefer Mia, although Elsa is great in her own right.  As others have said on this site, Elsa is younger and slightly better body, but Mia has more energy and is the dirtier of the two.  Again, i'm not saying elsa was bad by any means - I'd happily shag her solo again, and I probably will - just that Mia is a bit more adventurous.  I'm not really into A, but I know mia has it on offer.

Negatives - I prefer real tits (personal preference, i know), but for enhanced ones, these were four pretty great ones.  And this isn't really even a true negative as I knew both girls were enhanced beforehand. 

Positives - literally everything.  Just an amazing experience.  I don't necessarily have a preference for Asians as I've found sexy women of all races and nationalities, but do I have a preference for good service and an enthusiastic and filthy attitude.  And oh man do these girls have these qualities in spades.  I will be back.  Often. 

I know much has been written about these two, but if i missed anything or you have questions, please fire away.  I'm more than happy to relive this experience!

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Thanks for the review. Elsa might be a useful plan B agency meet.

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Wow. Sounds like you had a cracking time with them both.  Just wanted to know if the girls interacted with each other?

Great review.


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No they dont steve. No london agency thais i have ever punted have offered or have been genuinely bi.

When i saw  mia and elsa as a duo it was their first couple weeks and you could tell they hadnt done it much. Mia spent 5 mins watching elsa cum almost like wow this is a first time for me! Elsa had no idea as she had her eyes closed! Think they offer a duo just to earn the extra ££ and to supply the demand.

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Agreed - no girl/girl interaction whatsoever, but this is well documented on UKP and was not a surprise to me.