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Author Topic: Plan A? Plan B?  (Read 477 times)

Tales from a patient optimistic punter:

A few days ago I agreed a day for meeting a new lady, Tuesday, tomorrow, in the morning. I just had to sort out my work and then let her know a time. She says this is OK and sends me her number and address. She notes that she cannot always answer the phone. This is the third time I have tried, once the day was not right for her, once she was ill.

I sort out the time quite quickly and send her the time by AW internal email. She has not logged on since 24th so I send her a polite and encouraging text. No reply. Is she off for the Bank Holiday with her family?

Time for plan B? Or wait? Or set off from home and text her on the way?

These stressful manoeuvres are all too common in our hobby. I shall be an optimist and not a realist and set off from home and if no reply to a text I shall pull into a motorway service station or a lay-by and look in my little book for someone else in the area whose phone number I have, someone I have seen before.

What would you do, apart from calling me a twerp?

If I didn't get a reply at least a few hours before the booking I wouldn't turn up. I've had it happen before where I have waited for 30-40 mins and got no reply then left feeling like a tit.

I never had a plan B set up beforehand. Although often this means I don't get a shag on the day I wanted it does mean I Have a wank and realise I've just saved myself a nice few quid!

Offline smiths

I would be going to my plan B as i require a quick response when punting as its usually same day, no problem getting no answer then trying again for a while, but after a couple of hours i go elsewhere although i might try the WG again in the future. Nowadays i would never set off for a punt unless i have rang and spoken to the WG just before i set-off.

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