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Escorts Name: Annabelle
In-call Location: Queensway W2
Agency Profile Link:
Fee Paid: £160
Duration: 1 hour

I could only find one previous review of her; 
Reviewed as part of a duo session by the legend that is, YLF. I think that this will be her first solo review.

00-44 Escorts, has been mentioned on the forum many times, I have never used them before, in fact I have never used an agency before. There are not that many reviews, I could only find theses:

They have developed a reputation for providing a good service and publishing possibly, the worst escort agency website, in the history of, worst escort agency websites. Whilst some might be concerned about the site’s lack of gloss and polish, there can be no concerns about overly Photo-shopped pictures.

I contacted, Pat the agency owner the day before the meet, to make the arrangements. Communications were straight forward via text and calls. As stated on their website it seems that many of the girls have other conventional ‘full time’ jobs/commitments/studies or at least just work for this agency part time. So I get the impression that some advance notice is usually required. Anyone wanting a spur of the moment punt, might be disappointed.

The flat is just off, The Queensway.
Public Transport : About fifteen seconds walk from Bayswater Underground, under a minute from Queensway station. Served by the Central, District and Circle Lines. There are a number of TFL buses that stop nearby including; 27, 70, 94, 148, 274 and 390.
Parking: Westminster Council has done what it can to discourage parking, but there are some pay and display spaces and local car parks.

The flat was OK, situated in a 1930’s mansion block. It’s a working flat, wooden floors with a bathroom that was adequate, fit for purpose, if a bit neglected. I would have benefited from a larger towel. As mentioned in a previous review, a full length mirror in the bedroom would not go amiss either.

Annabelle is an attractive young Welsh woman, claims to be 20 yrs on the profile, that could be about right. A bit fuller in figure than I had expected, large natural bust and arse. Stated 10/12 on profile, I am not very good with dress sizes. She said that she had put on weight over the past few months and was currently on a diet. Personally I think that her breasts are bigger in terms of cup size than the ‘36DD’ stated. With a pretty face, straight long blond hair. When I met her she was wearing smart black rimmed glasses giving her a bit of a ‘librarian’ or ‘school teacher’ look, something I wasn’t expecting, it caught me slightly off guard. She looked more sluttish in her profile photos. She was wearing make up and on further inspection had complied with the underwear request that I had asked Pat to pass on. Good communication and compliance are always good first signs. I wish she had been wearing heels too, although I hadn’t asked for this before hand. I like the heightened anticipation as one waits outside the flat door possibly hearing the sound of the girls’ heels clippety- clop as she walks towards you. For me it adds to the build up. She was about 5’5’’ in her stockinged feet. She has no tattoos or piercings which very much pleased me. Another pleasing observation was that she opened the door in the ‘conventional’ manner, not opting for the invisible door opening trick, hiding behind it, as is often the case.

I found that I had to move things along during the pre punt chat, we were enjoying some wine and she didn’t seem as though she would have progressed proceedings as quickly as I would have liked. In no way do I believe that it was a deliberate time wasting tactic, but it’s something perhaps to note if you are used to the service provider making the first moves.

Annabelle is a down to earth Welsh girl, she didn’t have any rehearsed banter, no, ‘hun’, ‘luv’ or ‘babe’ in her vocabulary. Initially I found her moaning a bit false, whilst I was just sucking and licking breasts. Her moans became more genuine as I went down on her. She was very responsive to RO and got very wet. I indulged in ,FK, RO and fingering. I would say FK as opposed to DFK. She also said that she was genuinely bi-sexual so she enjoys duo action. She maintained good eye contact during OWO, was proficient and hard working. I had planned for CIM, but ending up ejaculating during penetrative sex as she was riding me hard in cowgirl with her fulsome breasts in my face. She does do CIM.

Neither of us had a shower afterwards, not sure if there was a spare towel. She got dressed back into her working clothes, (her regular civilian clothing and coat and were slumped over a chair) showed me to the door. I am sometimes interested to see whether the girl remains undressed afterwards, either to give the punter a final lasting ‘image’ as she sees him out, perhaps before getting showered herself.

As has been mentioned before, I do get the impression that the 00-44 girls are not over worked by their agency and judging by their lack of reviews, this may well be true. Annabelle was certainly not even close to being jaded. She is fairly new to London and said that she is fairly new to this game. She’s an easy going girl with a good attitude. She genuinely seems to enjoy sex, as much as the concept of making money from sex, not the case with all service providers.

I received a follow up customer/care satisfaction text from the agency owner Pat shortly after the session. I am not entirely sure that I would necessarily visit Annabelle again, but I would recommend her.

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Thanks for the review.
I must say I agree with you about the site and tbh most of the girls on there look like £120 ph max cheap agency girls!
Glad you had a good time. Might just go on my HL  :hi:
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