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Author Topic: Dorset Sex  (Read 3661 times)

Offline Wayang

Dorsetsex went through a reorganization and there are now two sites.
A 'pink' one (about five down on the google list) and the old one revamped.
Why when I try to access information on the original site I get an error message 'mysq1' - which means??

Offline Wayang

Error connecting to mysql

Means there was a problem connecting to the site's database server.
Basically it's an issue for the site owner to fix.

Thanks - as long as it is not my technical incomptence.

Dorsetsex has now gone, their is a good site in the same area auto-censored.com  it really is starting to take shape and is gaining new members all the time, worth a look, a good selection of girls on their.

Problem with auto-censored is that all the men on there do nothing but praise the girls as though they are goddesses....it is sickening nobody dares say a bad word about the girls.....the girls use it for free advertising and to fix prices very high..yes there are some good girls on there but think AW is better

Offline santiago2

Dorsetsex up and running today, i have had some great meets with girls from this site, but as you say starman555 auto-censored.co seems to be governerd by the same clique of super girls and punters who seem to have more money than sense, and if you post anything against them, beware, they gang up on you, ok they say if you pay top money, you get the best service, maybe, i had a 55year old kept emailing me,  when i asked how much, she said £90 1/2 hour, How Much? im very experienced and you will have a lovely time, 55 she is, ive had great times with girls from auto-censored in their 20s and 30s for £50 or £60 1/2 hour, but i have to give credit to the the crew at auto-censored,

Paying a lot of money in no way gaurantees a better service!The ladies on Dorset are right up their own arses as are the punters that worship them and say stupid things like "Ooo you are wonderful you should charge more for your services"

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