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Author Topic: Chanel247 ? anyone seen her  (Read 2066 times)


She's got loads of feedback on AW, the BB put me off though. Just wondered if anyone's seen her.


Offline finn5555

She fucks all her punters BB so unless you have a death wish avoid  :thumbsdown:

Offline Tailpipe

Leave it alone its just a fucking dirty old tail  :scare:

Offline finn5555

Also her arse has taken one hell of a battering!!  :vomit:

Offline EnglishRebecca121

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yep she sees mike 1746 often and he is a bb fuck only as he left me neg feedbk after i refused to see him wen i found this out

Offline Tailpipe

Also her arse has taken one hell of a battering!!  :vomit:

The picture is bad  :vomit:


I wouldn't touch her with your bargepole lol


Message should have read.. I wouldn't touch her with your bargepole after reading all the comments. I wasn't trying to be funny !
I was genuinely interested and thank the board for the responses.

If you interpreted me as taking the "p" I apologise.


Had her bid on a RB but refused due to BB

Offline Taggart

I saw her in Birmingham around 18 months ago, and have to say it was mediocre. Not bad, but not outstanding, just resolved my itch, so to speak. Good rapport with her, but looks, I'd say 5.5 out if 10, and a very ample size 12, if you get my drift.

On her profile she does not mention she's a smoker, but was on patches when I saw her. Bit annoying as I dont see smokers.

At the time, BB was not on offer on the profile, as had it been, she would not have been visited - I dont want to be tarnished as a punter who sees BB girls.

I'd also add that some of the pics are 18 months + old.

Offline Westerby

I saw her on a reverse booking. 
She was late and I had to wait in my car for about an hour.  Then I had to sneak up the back stairs of a hotel.  I'm not keen on hotels.
She's a bit annoying, quite rough looking with loads of stretchmarks. 
She bid for my reverse booking £100 for the hour, but when it came to pay she demanded £120. 
I didn't argue, not wanting to get on the wrong side of her. 

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