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Author Topic: anyone seen her?  (Read 901 times)

Offline kalk1

hey, I saw this profile and wanted to know if anyone has seen her? if so, what's your experience. many thanks.


Offline kalk1

Nope, just looking for reviews

Offline Pauluk1

Without seeing her, I think you could safely say you've saved yourself 40 quid by having a wank instead.

 :vomit: each to their own

 :vomit: :vomit: :scare:

Each to their own, keep telling it myself ;)

Offline toolboy55

She's different and certainly cheap enough.

Offline rnrn636

She looks like one of those after photos showing the dangers of crystal meth


Horses for courses, but it's a big no no from me.

Online James999

She looks like one of those posters they use to warn people what happens if they abuse drugs  :vomit:

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