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Author Topic: Jennaxxx1 - Jenna Cruz - the Porn Star  (Read 22263 times)

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NO she is def not that big and ugly - see previous links - the last links are her exactly as she is when I saw her 4 months ago

Offline Anadin

How did you contact her as she doesn't seem to reply to emails & is she a one pop per hour girl?


called her so number on AW when i saw her  she is def a NO 1 pop girl I did her 2x

Offline Jerboa

Just been looking at her AW profile, and she's upped her rates to £300 p/hr.  :dash:

Offline Peterpack

Is jenna still working ?

her AW profile isn't working

1 review(s) found for jenna cruz linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Zeusthedoc

at £300p/h she can fuck right off!

Offline Jerboa

I reckon if you give her a bell and speak to her then her rates will be more reasonable, either that or she'll have a very dusty work phone.  :P

Offline marty_mcfly

My experience with porn stars suggests that they are the worst type of punts; usually not worth transportation costs let alone their hourly rates.

I have punted with three girls that have worked in porn; and all were boring mechanical punts.

With all the day in day out sex these girls have in their porn and punting careers, they are burnt out mechanical pieces of meat. The chances of bringing these girls to orgasm are less than those of winning the lottery.
Banning reason: Unstable

Offline mrx007

I've seen Jenna a few times at her "luxury" Bounds Green flat which is actually just a typical ground floor conversion with the front room full of bed plus a porn-style mirror.

I've dumped my seed over that pretty face and generous tits a few times but she did offer much more attractive rates than the crazy sums she is after now.

She was offering £50 for 15 mins which was enough for a great suck and a spray over that smiling face and in her mouth and she wasn't worried about going over by a few minutes.

Shame I was pleased when I saw her back on AW but at that money I won't be going back.

Nice girl, looks like a porn stacked slut, only negative is she smokes cigarettes like a trooper...

Offline Anadin

Yeah I don't think she's short of clients, she's turned me away a few times when regulars have booked her overnight so perhaps she's not that interested in new ones and she's moved from the ground floor conversion a to a pretty nice flat a while ago.

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