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Author Topic: Brooke36DD Adultwork  (Read 12062 times)

Offline James999

most good ones earn six figure salaries.

 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Six figure salaries but can't afford a fiver for credit for the phone, stop spouting shite  :cry:

Offline Acer

Hello gentlemen,

Again I am married, arranged marriage you see so I am sexually unsatisfied.

I have met many escorts who are nice people, they have a love of money though and most good ones earn six figure salaries.

For thr man a few posts above I ask what is worse an escort or a lonely man who pays for sex?

So why is your arranged marriage not satisfying your sex life? And how would it have been different it it was unarranged?

Why not rearrange?

Or better still tell us youm a prossie?

Offline rylond21

I saw Brooke this afternoon. Had a great time, she is exactly my type of girl. I was visiting Birmingham for the weekend and took the opportunity to see a stunning slim girl, with a real naughty side. If I lived close I would definitely see again.

Offline Juankerr

I've seen Brooke on a few occasions now and I can say she's the best I've had by a mile. Gorgeous girl with a great attitude and very naughty too!!!!

Offline mo_11

You may be correct or it could be that there is something negative posted againt your AW User ID (which only WGs or
service providers can see, thereby making a girl reluctant from accepting a booking from you).

Read up on this in a seaprate topic on this forum and then make enquiries with someone who can help
you out (Danni has been very helpful regarsding this).

Can anyone post link to this topic please?

Offline Talbear

She's a fantastic punt to be fair

Offline thewonderingdick

This woman looks 10p short of a quid! she needs a good meal i like em slim but this is ridiculous and £180 a pop for outcalls...get out of it!!! :D

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