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Been lurking for quite a while so felt it was time I started contributing to the forum.

Location - Paddington (Sheldon Square)

Cost - £150 for the hour

Services - DFK, OWO, RO, Massage

Called up the maid and asked for Caroline but she was not available so asked for Klara, was told I would get a text if she was available. 15 mins later I got the location and address and made my way.  :music:

Buzzed the flat went up in the lift, when I got to the floor knocked the door and I was let in. I was greeted by Klara in lingerie and heels and led into the bedroom, I initially was thinking the photographer has some epic photo shop skills as she wasn't as good looking as the photos but as  soon as the door shut she was all over me kissing me and grabbing me downstairs which initially scrambled my brain, deffo gave me the horn. After some mins of this she pushed me on the bed, asked me to take off my clothes while she got me a can of Pepsi#. She is tall in heels, and has a nice figure, I would say size 10#. Sorted out the paperwork in between all this.

Off with the clothes and I received a BJ with her paying real attention to balls and shaft, every once in a while she would take it right to the back of her throat. Switched it up and performed RO on her to which eventually she orgasmed (or shes real good at faking it :D). Asked her to get the Mac and she put it on with her mouth then rid me aggressively all while keeping up the DFK, she is quite tight and while she was prone on top I could feel quite a lot. Didn't change position to be honest as I got quite into it and ended up finishing in the mac 10 mins later.

She gave me a good massage and I had 15 mins left on the clock, I am a one shot person nowadays so aimed to get dressed but she was actually reminding me that I had time left and I must stay which was a nice touch, I'm generally used to them trying to kick you out soon as you're done, I guess you get what you pay for. I said my farewells and I was back to being an anonymous civilian around Paddington.

First review finally out the way.  :hi:

Offline Steely Dan

Thanks for review.  Not so hard was it?

Any fingers or rimming either way?

Offline dusty99

Good review. Was COF on offer?

Fingers yes, I did not attempt rimming or COF  :unknown:

Not really my thing, but she is very eager to please so I wouldn't see her turning it down, as they say YMMV.


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Thanks for the review. The face looks like a heavily photoshopped version of this girl who is also in Paddington, is it the same one?