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Offline tom269u001

Totally wrong in every way.
Harrods charge £90 for a shirt, Primark come on the scene and sell shirts for £5, do Harrods go bankrupt, no of course they don't.

Young, pretty English girls will always be able to charge a premium because they have become a rarity, there will never be a shortage of cheapo EE girls, you are welcome to them.  :hi:
Completely deluded!

Completely deluded!

Can you explain further, Tom, without resulting to attacking Jimmy personally? I would like to hear why you think different.

Offline tom269u001

He's used this daft comparison before - Harrods etc.

We're talking services here - not products. If the WG provides a good service, we'll go back.

So JRC's daft comparison does not apply! If I need my house to be re-plumbed, and I get a quote from a Polish guy for £1000, and an English guy for £3000, guess which person/service I will pick!

If you're looking for a particular punting service, and an EE WG charges £80 an hour, and an English girl charges upwards of £150 an hour, how many punters will book the latter? A girl's ethnicity/nationality does not guarantee you a good punt.

Before finding this site, I saw plenty of English girls charging a fortune. Most punts were crap. I felt massively out of pocket.

Ask yourself this: How many English girls have rave reviews on this site? How many EE girls have rave reviews? How many of us go and see these EE WGs based on great reviews?

JRC doesn't punt much!

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