Author Topic: Rachael of Ego Masssge Milton Keynes  (Read 4235 times)

After seeing Rachaels photos I had to see this lady for myself and I am so glad that I did. I have had a few visits for massages recently and none have left me completely satisfied until today.
Rachael is stunning and also a lovely person to have a conversation with as well.
I had phoned to book for 1 but was told Rachael wasn't free until 145 so gladly waited. The place is very smart inside with a clean waiting area downstairs, the rooms have mirrors in which means you can see all the action and watch it at the same time. Was took upstairs by the receptionist and soon after Rachael came in and I advised her I wanted the deluxe massage for a hour for £85. I was then explained what will happen and was told to strip and get comfy.  Rachael then returned a min later and removed her clothes and started to give me a great massage with loads of ball and cock stroking while still on my front which I love. I nearly couldn't hold it in then so was glad I was then asked to turn over and could see her tremendous body and her amazing smile. There then followed loads of teasing with loads of eye contact which was so sexy. After several minutes I couldn't hang on any longer so Rachael finished me off while looking me straight in the eye. I then had a shower which is included in your time but this was only a small negative. There was loads of mutual touching but nothing penatatrive. Overall I felt this was an amazing massage with HR with an amazing looking lady who is polite and sexy. Will definitely return as soon as can and glad I don't live too close or would be broke next week.