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Author Topic: East London - Bow Area  (Read 1098 times)

Offline Nickp


Any tips for this area, I'm due in hornchurch and Romford tomorrow but have a stop over at Bow.

Searching aw but willing to accept any help. To give some idea of what I'm looking for:

Close to bow road or bow church
No fatties
No mingers
Can accommodate
Allows OWO and facials

Thanks in advance


I have seen - https://www.adultwork.com/1645862 a few months ago and she is close to E2/E3 area and she may fir the bill - Nice looking, Tall and great figure - size 10  and a field report on AW. Happy Punting

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Offline Nickp

Thanks, I'll give her a call later.

Offline Herecomesbod

Depending how tight you are with time, I think you will have more choice if you got on the DLR at Bow Church, and go to Canary Whaf, (only a few stops away). The prices in this area has dropped, and some real nice indies.


Yes do agree with Herecomesbod - But for £100 she is good VFM and is a decent punt - However agree that E14 in canary whary will give you a greater choice - I think maggie21 is there next week and she is good if you are into A level!!!

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