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Author Topic: Photogirls.net. Bait And Switch.  (Read 4664 times)

Offline smiths

Has anyone just said nah forget this when they turn up and it's a completely diff girl? I can't see myself sticking around unless the switch is a beauty but I see a lot of comments of guys just going along with it and complaining after which baffles me. Is the pimp in the back or something or is it just too much hassle going back home and finding another so you end up going with the flow?

I have, but some think with their dicks and punt anyway which all bad SPs rely on punters doing, i know as i was a dick thinker for years myself, it can be a very bad way of thinking in my experience.

Not complaining on the premises is because some punters are worried a pimp will appear and beat them up or they are too embarrassed to, thats what punting forums can now offer, the chance to report these things. My advice is always punt with a plan B option, a regular in my case, i know if i walk i can ring them and virtually always get fitted in or try another regular, although i do of course appreciate some punters havent got regulars or much choice of WGs in some punting deserts.

Offline toolboy55

I would name and shame such a scumbag outfit if it were me.

It's Kandy's in Telford but I don't think that they are unique in this.

To be fair some girls have a photo on the website taken from the back about 50 yards away so it's not that easy to tell!!
Regarding the girls ringing in sick - if only, most just don't turn up! I ring the parlour before I go then ring up from outside to make sure the one I want is a) still there and b) free
Don't tend to use parlours now as I have a few regulars that I can normally see at short notice if I wake up horny!

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