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Author Topic: Alex London 69  (Read 1601 times)

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Offline bobdavid


Alex was my second booking in London (after Bellen) on my recent trip there...

Alex arrived a little late - she had forgotten that it was a Sunday apparently and that underground travel would be slower (apparently?)... not a problem - she sent me messages to update me where she was and to apologise. I had a good feeling about this because she seemed to genuinely feel bad about being late (it wasn't such a problem though - I didn't have any business meetings after the appointment this time).

When I saw her (I met her outside the hotel after the problems I'd had meeting Bellen), the first thing that struck me was that she's actually quite chunky... I really didn't get that impression from her photos... one of her photos in particular seemed to show her as quite slim..? An old modelling photo from Poland perhaps, before she moved to the city of McD's?

The second thing that struck me, and it's a real pet hate of mine, was that her breath and clothes smelt badly of cigarettes ... not an issue for those who smoke themselves perhaps - but for me this is a huge turn-off... I know that many girls smoke - that's fine. Oral and personal hygiene usually remove the smell, though, most girls - especially those from Eastern Europe - seem to know how to deal with this...

Anyway, off to the bedroom we went... we kissed for a while - I just wasn't getting into this, though, due to the taste... so I undressed so that Alex could give me a BBBJ. This was actually really nice, she did all the right things here - but she kept kinda saying "Mmmm?" and looking to see if I was smiling ... I did - but it was kinda feigned ... I just wasn't really getting into this ... she wasn't my type :-(

After a while, I came ... Alex swallowed the lot and went off to the bathroom to clean.

I took this moment to get dressed and, on her return, made my excuses and asked if she'd mind leaving early...

That was it... for me, a really disappointing punt...

I can see that many would enjoy being with Alex - but it just wasn't for me...

5 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Hetfield

So other than the cigarette smell, did she do anything wrong? You mentioned you really liked the OWO, she swallowed too (though no mention of actual sex?)

Just trying to work out if you gave the girl a negative because YOU weren't into it (as you said, not your type) or gave her a negative because SHE wasn't any good.

Offline bobdavid

It wasn't myself, no... it wasn't that I was having an "off" day (I don't do -off- days :p) ...

No, for me, Alex just wasn't doing it for me... it's not just about services for me, I need to find a girl attractive as well - and really, if I'm totally honest, Alex's profile was misleading. She marked herself as a size 8 - she was very obviously a size 12 though.

Another issue that I didn't mention below ... the hotel I was in was non-smoking. After she'd left and I went to the bathroom, there was a very clear smell of smoke in there - ie. she'd lit up while she was in there... was she so nervous that she needed to smoke secretly during our appointment?... or just unable to take a break from smoking..?

Anyway, yeah, my review stands.

Offline Hetfield

No, I wasn't suggesting that you were having an off day. I was asking if you have her a negative because you didn't like her, as such, or if because she did something wrong.

Let me try an analogy. You like sandwiches, and you try a sandwich you've never had before. You then tell me it was shit. But was it shit because there was something wrong with it, or did you say it was shit because you'd have preferred a corned beef a cucumber sandwich instead, but there wasn't actually anything wrong with the sandwich you had?

Offline bobdavid

No, not at all... i've been with bigger girls before and enjoyed myself ... i've been with girls who didn't speak much english and enjoyed myself ... and i've been with girls who smoked and enjoyed myself (on this point the key is that they'd have good oral hygiene, would eat gum, etc to make sure there's no lingering taste/odour).

Alex's profile -is- misleading.

The positive thing would be perhaps that she did seem to be into things - so i don't think she's the sort of girl that would leave early or after you've popped once, etc... but still, it wasn't a positive experience for me and I wasn't happy to have been misled about her appearance...

Offline Hetfield

Thats' fair enough, but you should have emphasised that in your scoring. It could easily swap people from going to see her because they think she's shit based on your review, when in reality, she was good, but just not what you wanted.

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