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Author Topic: Anyone got there hands on Viagra?  (Read 8094 times)

Offline LL

Could you be more specific maybe? In what way do you think it is illegal? To sell? Buy? Import? Trade? Own? Prescribe?

I don't see the Met swooping on JRC for a strip and search any time soon.
Sorry, yes, I meant that in the UK, it is illegal to sell or advertise Kamagra.  Not because it's considered a dangerous drug but simply because Pfizer's patent claim on sildenafil citrate drugs is valid here in the UK, thus they have a monopoly on them (in the form of Viagra).  Also, even if Pfizer's patent had expired in the UK, a seller would still need to be licensed under the Medicines Act 1968 to sell these drugs legally and I suspect that seedy London sex shops are not.

I'm not passing judgement on whether or not people should take Kamagra, I'm just surprised that shops in central London advertise it so blatantly, with stickers / signs in their windows.

Offline pierrot

Viagra gives me heartburn, a headache and aching kidneys. But still I use it generally combining it with an ibuprofen and a zantac.

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