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Author Topic: 1delight / Nataly / Natalya  (Read 1405 times)

Busty, blonde, great personality... She had a profile in AdultWork once but now she has removed it. Her nickname was 1delight, but she called herself Nat on cam.

She used to make the best cam shows but now disappeared completely. Originally based in West London. Does anyone know if she is still active on other channels, sites or make Skype sessions?

Desperate to find her  :drinks:

Offline trickytreacle

Hey mate, just joined and was searching for girls I seen on AW. She's still around. Dunno if to tell you though. If you was that into her I reckon she'd tell you her new profile. Maybe she don't want you to know where she went. maybe you was why she changed her profile for all I know?
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (trickytreacle, JBEH)

No mate, the thing is that I haven't been on AW for a year and a half and when I went back her profile was down.  Is she finally escorting now?
Send me the link, please!


I think I found her anyway.. Is she Misschilli on Adultwork? I recognize that bum. Have you ever managed to meet her? She is fabulous

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