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Author Topic: Feedback on this Agency/Webite?  (Read 930 times)

Offline Banquo

Hi folks,

I was just wondering if anyone could give me some info on this site: http://www.edinburghescortsagency.co.uk/edinburgh-escorts.html or it's Glasgow equivalent (although I'm less likely to be in Glasgow)

I've never booked a girl from here as the cost breaks my sub £150 limit, but I know it's at least reasonably straight as I've met one girl that used to advertise there - apologies for imprecise info, she was from Kinross area, has about 3 AW profiles (I think). Slim, blonde girl, outcalls only. Bridget from Edinburgh advertised here and had good feedback on AW, so surely it's not all bad?

Does anyone know what the incall location is like? Is the website up to date with regard to available girls?

cheers, Banquo

Offline pilgrim

This is what I wrote about them previously https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=7288.0

This is the Edi branch newer web site http://www.edinburghcityescorts.co.uk/gallery.html  Ive seen Bridget and she is great, I think a few on here have seen her and its all been positive. She doesnt work a lot now.

The Edinburgh flat used to be new and kept very clean.  There used to be a few girls available at the same time, they tended to stay inbetween bookings and kept the place clean.  I know that the Gla flat was a bit of a tip as the girl would come in for her booking and be out the door on your heels if she didnt have anotherbooking.

The web sites are a bit of a hit and miss.  Good luck

Offline Thehun10

This agency is the only decent one in Scotland.
Some photos may be a bit photoshoped some reviews may be a bit over the top, but nothing to be worried about.
Bridget is on the Edinburgh site but I don't think she been available for months.
I had Abigail a about six weeks ago and she was excellent.
You will always get the girl in the picture.

One very important point is, make sure before you hand over any money that they agree to what you want.

If you want owo & cim and they don't agree then walk away.
Many in the past have said they have a sore mouth and are going to the dentist.
Tamzin (who I see is back) told me she couldn't do cim because she didn't like the taste of Latex from the condom.

(At Discretion) means YES or they can fuck off.

Offline seeker

I used this agency alot when i first started punting ....had quit a few fantastic punts but know would not pay the 150 ph .
Its about the only place youll get new young scottish hunnies in glasgow ,many only ladt a few wweks some dissaper after a few days .I know they wont allow bad reviews but i have left loads of good reviews .

Offline Banquo

many thanks for the info and advice. To be honest, £150 per hour is above my punting limit, especially when I've seen ex members for less. They do occasionally have some real lookers though...! Forgive me, I just want to keep my options open!

Good to know it's relatively straight though!


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