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Author Topic: Adultwork profiles - buying/selling them?Transferring them? On holiday?  (Read 1295 times)

Offline SimonAce

Hi all

I'm new on here, but not new to meeting escorts. I often use adultwork for this, but have been noticing some strange things happening recently. I've read many posts on here about private gallery scams and other scams about profiles and I was aware of all these sorts of things. But recently I've noticed the following two things happening (I'm sure they've been happening for a while, but I've just not noticed it):

- It seems to be common practice that working girls or their agencies (that are not part of groups) will sell or buy or transfer their profile to new girls. I noticed this by having some profiles in my hotlist and then seeing their nickname and pictures (most of them) change. (Interestingly, often the agency or new girl  does not change the profile text). However, the number of views, registered date and feedback gets transferred across to this new girl essentially creating a completely false profile. Sometimes these profiles are also verified, so the new person benefits from prior verification even though it isn't actually them who has been verified. There seems to be value in this to the new girl or the agency which is recycling the profile as they benefit from the verification, the feedback and the high number of visits to the profile when people search for profiles.
- Secondly, related to the above, I've noticed genuine profiles (I know as I've visited them) where the girl goes 'on holiday' for a few weeks but their profile and private gallery remains on line. The girl more often than not does not return from holiday, but you then find someone else using that profile a few weeks later while in the meantime the agency has benefited from private gallery income.

So my questions to the forum are:
- Is this common? Have other people noticed this?
- Is there a market in buying or selling profiles?
- Is this something which happens informally between working girls or is it happening with agencies managing profiles in this way? (where they should be doing this as a group rather than pretending that the girls are completely independent)

Whatever the case, I am much more vigilant now when reviewing a profile and looking at old feedback etc.

Online Jimmyredcab

Many profiles are put up by pimps so obviously when his "bitch" goes back to Romania he will transfer it to the next girl, quite a common practice.    :hi:

Offline Herecomesbod

With Adultworks getting more strict on verification photos, swooping profiles will become MORE common. I have seen many profiles where the pimp has either been to lazy to hide a verification photo that clearly is a different girl, or just took a photo of a random girl holding up their sign. AW do not seem to have the resources to constantly check verification pictures to profile pics.

Offline Hetfield

I've seen two WG's, both EE's, that often have "on holiday" on their profile - which just means they've gone home for a couple weeks. They do come back, work another couple weeks (or in some cases, only a week before going home again - must have had a good week!) then go "on holiday again". Makes sense to leave the PG and profile up; 1) the PG, if subscribed to, will generate money for them doing fuck all, and 2) more exposure to the profile might see them getting booked up quicker on their return than taking it down while they're away. Both girls take their numbers off the profile while away, and one of them logs in nearly everyday and rotates her FG pics around - often adding an update to when she's expected back.

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