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I saw Chelsea recently but first chance I've had to write a report. Odd really that Chelsea has been working for about 4 years but she has the sort of profile pics that immediately make me think 'fake', they're overly glossy and look like they've been stolen from a lingerie catalogue. The other thing that put me off is that she works in Mansfield and as we all know Mansfield is the punting pits.
Persuaded by very positive reviews I have her a call and instinctively felt that she was very genuine and made a booking. She lives on an end of terrace in the centre of Mansfield. Arrived for a half hour appointment and was immediately greeted by a slim, attractive and very friendly girl. I say attractive and that might actually be an undersell, she had no make up on and yet was very attractive, beautiful eyes and one of those girls you know if she made herself up for a night out, she'd look stunning.
Chelsea was in her normal civvie clothes when she answered the door and she left me in the bedroom while she went to get me a drink. When she came back with a glass of water she had changed into black lacy lingerie that barely concealed her tits and she looked amazing. All the while we were chatting like old friends and I realised that Chelsea had introduced something into the punt that was often missing, fun. The sex was great and we chatted and laughed throughout the session.
Chelsea is a real find, one of those rare gems that you accidentally uncover and in Mansfield of all places. The most fun I can ever remember having with a WG, I'm no fluffy but I remember telling her she was amazing as I left and she is.

23 review(s) found for Miss Chelsea Hart linked to in above post (21 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline CoolTiger

I know of 5~6 punters in the East Mids who have seen Chelsea and all recommend her, along the same lines as Rav above.

Few years ago, she worked temporarily in Leicester, at a flat near the railway station, but it was not for long, so was unable
to see her. Later on when I spoke to her, she explained the personal reason why she could not travel to Leicester on a regular

Have not seen her yet, she is in my Hot List, for that unexpected trip to Mansfield.

Offline sims1

I also saw Chelsea just recently on the recommendations of this thread.
I agree with all comments above. She is a great girl and very friendly indeed.
If in Mansfield then do make a visit to this lovely young lady.

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