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Author Topic: British Avalon - Porn Star  (Read 2940 times)


Has anyone had a session with the Porn Star -Avalon -  www.adultwork.com/1535653 - she has been my fav when she was doing all the british porn films a few years back. Her rate is quite resonable but she is always away - May be back in June now - before sh was due back in May.

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Offline mh

 :lol: Ha Ha Ha age 35! She looked about 45 when I last saw her on TV 5+ years ago... Now it may be that she really is 35 but the point is she looked at least 45 back then.


Yes point taken - but i really had a thing about her on those old briyish porn films +5 years ago - She looked so slutty and fab doing girl /girl that i always though to myself if i ever had the chance to do a session i would not miss it. Maybe just a young boys dream to get out of the ssystem...

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