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Author Topic: Outcalls to unusual locations  (Read 6582 times)

Offline Melb

Yes. Amidst the ferns in a clearing on a bright sunny day.

Offline lovingfacials

I've had a call out to a secluded wood.


Isnt that called 'dogging'??

Offline Melb

Is it? There were just the 2 of us and we were hidden from view.

Offline lovingfacials

check out youporn..........i bet someone was watching/filming it

Offline Melb

I know there was nobody watching because I didn't hear any gasps when I dropped my pants and no applause at the end  :)

I once booked an outcall to next door, which was empty at the time.

This was in the days of no pics, just phone numbers.

I waited with baited breath at my window as i heard the sound of heels walking up the street.  she was absolutely smokin and had driven 80 mile to see me.  im glad she hadnt lied on the phone as she would have been knocking at next door for ages.

The punt was mental, we got high as fuck and she left about 4hrs later.  Funny thing was i had the pimp/driver knocking at next door about ten minutes later.

He mus'nt o been happy with his girl sniffing most of her earnings.

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