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Author Topic: Jen_S  (Read 1587 times)

Offline bobdavid

I don't suppose anyone has ever seen this girl..?


Looking at some of her photos, such as the 1st photos on her frontpage and her gallery, I'm very tempted ... but the appearance across her photos seems to vary quite a lot - making me wonder... eg. the 2nd (middle) photo on the frontpage I really, really don't like ... I keep going back to that 1st picture in the gallery though and thing "wow"..

I guess I could email her and see if she has a very recent photo?

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Offline Tailpipe

Looks good I have now hot listed.

May be worth paying to look in PG as this will not be a cheap punt  :hi:

Feed back seems good , you would like to think she is a stunner
In real life. 5ft 7 nice very model like.

Offline bobdavid

Well, the feedback does look good - but it's also very spaced out ... no recent feedback (since March 28th). That's not necessarily a bad thing - two of my best punts over the last year have been with girls who have very similar feedback... one was absolutely amazing, I gave her a fantastic review here, and yet I think she's had maybe 3 feedbacks since mine (which was 6 months ago) - I think it's just how she does things, though, because whenever I've been visiting London and have msg'ed her, she's -always- been available after work.

So, yeah, I'm almost tempted to book just to satisfy my curiosity - it's sometimes more interesting than going for the "easy, simple" punt with a girl who has 50+ positive feedbacks...

Offline Tailpipe

Some of those London girls do not punt with guys that often.

Which I think is good as it makes it a bit special.

If I see 200 feed back , its like buying a car with 100,000 miles on the clock.

The punt then is often robotic as they have been there done it so many times before.

I think if they have 10 to 20 good feed backs often they are the better punts. :hi:

Thanks for the heads up. Somehow she's escaped my outcall London searches - I suspect due to the age of her profile. Similarly hotlisted. Will try and see her next week work commitments allowing.

Offline bobdavid

I'm booked to see Jen early tonight - I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Offline bobdavid

She cancelled - said her purse was stolen.......

Offline zroggy

Interesting, I tried to see her a few months ago, she accepted the booking, cancelled at the last minute, i tried another booking a while later and she cancelled again at the last minute.  Never ended up seeing her

Offline bobdavid

It does seem like a strange business model..................

Offline James999

I guess I could email her and see if she has a very recent photo?

Or even one in focus with the light on, They must try really hard to produce such fucking shit pictures, with modern equipment it's pretty difficult not to get a clear / sensibly lit image  :hi:

Offline Jimmyredcab

Yet more totally useless photos ------------------- and you guys are saying how wonderful she looks.    :dash: :dash:

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