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Author Topic: Virgin13  (Read 1587 times)

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If you're looking for a great punt with a gorgeous girl who offers a tremendous GFE experience then please look no further than Victoria aka Virgin13...

I have been seeing Virgin13 for a few years now and I still get excited when I see she in town on tour. Victoria is the girl who always seems to be here to put a smile on my face whenever I need cheering up....and by looking at her numerous FRs I can tell she is th same with everyone she meets.

GFE for me is the one thing I love and this girl takes this to another level, I sometimes forget that she isn't actually my girlfriend ...... :kiss: ... She has a tremendous body, is a great kisser, has the sexiest shoes I've ever seen and a great personality yo match...

If you have experienced her before I would love to hear you're thoughts on her....I'm going to see her Tomm up north, so please keep an eye out for a FR over the next day or two..... :yahoo:


3 review(s) found for KinkyVirgin13 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

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