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Author Topic: Good and bad areas for paid sex  (Read 14524 times)

Offline jacksparrow11

Anyone know of any Good Parlours in the Croydon Area? :rolleyes:

Offline Jerboa

If you were near Brighton Steve, you should have booked into see Daisy Rock. I see she has got her own AW site now. ;)

You're joking? Steve doesn't pay £200 a hour lol,  :crazy:

"I had a good punt with a lass in Southampton on AW xXSexyLexyXx - not an all time great but very comfortable and fun  OWO CIM, catalogue of positions..."

I've have banged Lexy to. she was down at a hotel in bournemouth with another girl, a long haired blonde with scared falsies they offered a 3some but im not into that. to be honest mind the blonde looked a bit rank, so glad i didnt. lexy was pretty good

Offline Sonny Crockett

In my punting life, I've had my greatest punts in Milton Keynes (therefore for me that is the No.1 place for punting)!!!!!

The worst punting city for me is Nottingham without a shadow of a doubt!!!!!!!
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