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Author Topic: Stupid question  (Read 3423 times)

Offline LL

I'm pretty sure it's due to the ancient Greeks predilection for the sodomisation of young boys.
I see why it was changed to A-levels!

RUSSIAN means sex between a lady's breasts
I thought that was Spanish?

RUSSIAN means sex between a lady's breasts

Ha i never knew that!

I remember pre internet days where you would phone the parlour and the maid would describe the ladies appearance and her services.  (sometimes you wouldnt need a punt :lol:)

I always used to avoid the ladies that were said to specialise from A-Z.  Usually meant they were rough as fuck and did anything to get some cash out of you.

To answer the op's Q: my thoughts would be it is better to quote A levels than saying it is ok to fuck my bum.

Offline Stew

The term "hardsports" had me totally baffled when I first saw it.

Then I found out what it was, went ewwww, and I thought "why don't they just call it scat.. like porn" but I guess there's some reason.  :unknown:

Offline moondance

But why is it called "A-Levels" and not just "Anal" on AW? Is there a reason for it or no?

;-)I remember a man ringing me 3-4 years ago and asking me," so do you do O level"?
I replied confused, "well,I have been to college but....."

He interjected to inform me, "No,I mean, do you like to suck cock"?

I laughed in my naivety, and replied if colleges were giving out awards for O level, I would have passed with flying colors.

He thankfully saw the joke, came to see me, and as they say,the rest is history.

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