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£150 per hour - Leeds hotel outcall

Comms :

Had emailed her previously in November enquiring if she'd possibly see me for £200 per hour (was £300) but she declined.

No problem i thought, i waited a while thinking dusty phone syndrome at those prices.

So when i asked again in January offering £150 (still £250 on site) i was surprised when she said yes

Arranged to meet a week before but she cancelled on the day saying her period had started which i was fine with

After a lot of messing around eventually got an outcall sorted which she was 45 minutes late to!

Appearance :

Looked younger than i ideally like, thought the pics could have been of an older girl but she most likely is 19/20

Has had a child but can't tell by looking at her, very fit body but very small breast's

The meet :

Welcomed her in and had arranged a chair in the middle of the room so cheekily said we could start off with a lapdance, which she said no to as she doesn't like them even though she is a lap dancer part time on a weekend lol

Great start to the meet!... she complained the room smelt of coffee and started spraying her perfume everywhere, the room was spotless as i'd only just checked in.

So she lays on the bed fully clothed so i lie besides her for a bit of small talk to make the atmosphere a little nicer.

Soon becomes apparent she's a bit of a 'princess' saying she'd actually been thrown out by a couple of clients in previous meets, by the end of our meet i realise why!

So she says what do you want to do, so i start off by kissing her, both fully clothed on the bed. She responds to this and seems to be enjoying herself so i play with her
non-existant breasts for a while before adventuring down south with my hands.

All good at this stage, she's definitely enjoying herself, i manage to get her jeans and knickers off before inserting a couple of fingers to give her a good finger fuck

She orgasm's massively, nearly trapping my fingers in there lol, this seems to get her going as it's off with my jeans and pants for some OWO.

It's quite toothy but pretty good, not long before i deposit a load in her mouth which she proceeds to spit out all over my t-shirt and lower body.

So i go for a quick clean up in the bathroom.

Back on the bed for round 2, more small talk where it becomes apparent she's just a massive chav and imo isn't a very nice girl, maybe the job just doesn't suit her, i don't know?
as i generally get on with anybody i usually meet.

So after a bit of foreplay she say's i suppose you want sex now and go gets a condom which she throws onto the bed, you'll have to put it on i don't like em she says.

At this point it not the most passionate of meetings!, so i have to get myself hard and apply my own condom, i'm not fully hard and she doesn't even do OW as she doesn't
like the taste of condoms.

So i suggest missionary which she says no to and gets on top, the old man slides out and she says once it slides out it'll always slide out so we might as well finish.

Was speechless with her overall attitude so just got dressed and showed her the door, on her profile it says criticism always welcome so i fired off a friendly enough
email saying a customer shouldn't have to apply his own condom and get himself hard which she just replied it's not my fault it's never happened to me before!

Conclusion :

Just think she is in the wrong job, if she has an attitude like this with other clients she's going to be an unhappy girl long term, luckily for her i just strugged it all off despite the poor customer service




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Offline mrfishyfoo

Cheers for the review fella.  :hi: :hi:

I'd had my eye on her but now I really don't know what to think.  :bomb: :bomb:

Hmmm  :dash: :dash:

Think 'princess' and that sums her up I reckon , shame as I'd have definitely repeated as the pics don't lie but probably the worst punt of my life and that's saying something  :dash:

Offline Kendrig

That is fucking shocking, I guess you knew where this was going from the onset. I know you paid £150, but her profile asking £250ph with so little aw feedback, the price says it all , fucking "princess" .
With an attitude like that she should definitely move out of the profession. :manhater:

Cas, you had tried to arrange a couple of times, did you sense anything then

A lap dancer that isn't prepared to give a lap dance.  :dash:  :dash:  I would have been well pissed off with that response.

Lol @ non-existent breasts.  Her ass does looking cracking tho!!

Cheers for the review Cas!

Yeah tbh at the start she was saying you get what you pay for and I agreed with her but I pointed out to her not many blokes are willing to pay £250/£300 per hour even for the best let alone a newbie.

She said she felt she was worth more than the usual £100 per hour brigade and I actually agreed with her before the meet got underway as there's nothing wrong with paying for quality.

If she'd have delivered a top notch service I would even have contemplated paying the £250 an hour because you do indeed sometimes get what you pay for

I just think she's deffo wag material who thinks she's lucky that your fucking her and as I say a shame really as she could be top notch if she tried

Offline BP96

It wasn't the attitude or the no to the lapdance but this part that made me spit my coffee back out.

I deposit a load in her mouth which she proceeds to spit out all over my t-shirt and lower body.

If I was a violent man I would say that action deserves a bitch slap.

Offline pdq

I am amazed when folk think they may be worth more than others just cause of looks - give me someone with the right mind set and a plain jane body any time

Looks FAF but means f all if service is crappie so I am not interested

2 review(s) found for petite-princess linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Fake feedback by the looks of it... Brad seen her 3 times in 3 days and never seen anyone else!


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Nice review cas man
I can read all your reviews with ease , straight to the point and not paragraphs of text to wade through.

The girl will have forgotten how to have sex. At those prices no one will book her. No wonder she had a massive orgasm straight away.