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Author Topic: Advice for Newbie Punters  (Read 48322 times)

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Your First Punt
Some Useful Links

As the influx of new members increases, there's bound to be a few 'first-timers' thinking of making their initial contact with a prostitute. Unfortunately, posing as such is one of the favourite hobbies of trolls, and vast amounts of time can be spent - or wasted - on boards by giving advice. Often such questions are also used by prostitutes to advertise themselves and just fill pages with their 'wisdom.'

UK Punting is a punters' board and, unlike most other boards catering for punters, not a shop window for prostitutes to push their wares.
Yet helpful advice might be welcomed by newbies. So here are a few links.

A beginner's guide to punting
Rather out of date and almost obsequiously flattering to auto-censored - a site frequently referred to on UKP as 'prossienet' or 'pro$$ienet' since it is run largely for the benefit of prostitutes (escorts) rather than punters. But ok as a general guide if you can sort the wheat from the chaff. Hosted by auto-censored, one of the many sites that caters to punters but is more expressly run for the benefit of the escorts.

Another guide paid for through escort 'sponsorship' but quite readable.

A quick wiki guide for when you pick up the phone.

A punters' guide to punting
Another guide written by a commercial site and predictably overloaded with advertising.

A quick guide written by an escort agency.

Abbreviations - many lists abound - here are a few -
- a full list of abbreviations and acronyms produced by International Sex Guide which, like UKP, is run by punters for punters.
And yet another list here http://www.sex-lexis.com/
A few others commonly found on this board include:
WG = Working Girl; SP = Service Provider; (prostitutes)
AW = Adultwork; ISG = International Sex Guide; WSG = World Sex Guide; FR = field report (review of a prostitute)

The Wiki page on UK legislation - fairly up-to-date.

Finding escorts
You can find escorts through numerous regional listings, many of of which include independent escorts, escort agencies, and walk-in 'parlours' (or 'saunas' as they're called in Scotland).

The biggest source of escort adverts in the UK is on Adultwork (around 14,000 at the time of writing). Adultwork, unlike an agency, is an open listing. Anyone can advertise, including escorts that might be less than genuine. This means doing some homework, but it often means big savings as there is usually no 'middle man.' https://www.adultwork.com

See also UKP's Guide to Adultwork
and the main Adultwork section of UK Punting, which includes both tips for better punting and information on scams.

When reading punting guides, bear in mind that most sites have vested interests. We're not here recommending any of these sites for anything other than an introduction to punting.
It saves time and pages of Q&A on our main forum.

Finally remember to protect your personal info when online. That includes punting forums - they are not just read by your friends. It could only take one psycho to connect the dots and ruin your life. And if you access them at work or on computers others have access to, then third parties may find things about your browsing habits you'd rather keep to yourself. Employers can check both your browsing history and what the computer has been used for generally. Some also check Facebook accounts to see what employees get up to at the weekend, so set limitations if you drop any innuendos on social networking sites connected to you.

You might also want to take precautions about revealing personally identifiable information to escorts you meet when punting. Many are trustworthy - and some are not. Appearances can be deceiving. Don't take unnecessary chances.

It may sound like common sense - and it is - but it is easy to miss things in the excitement. Think with the head before thinking with the dick. Consider having a separate phone (a pay-as-you-go that is both cheap and untraceable to your private address). Make sure your email address is separate from work and home, and not one that includes your real name. Watch your alcohol intake. Just carry what you need and and keep all personal belongings with you at all times (Run through in your mind how you will do this once on the punt). Listen to your gut feeling - if you don't feel right about something, pass up on it. Cancel the appointment or give it a miss if nerves get the better of you. You don't owe anything to anyone. These are basic rules for both parties, so two strangers can meet without risk. There's no need to be paranoid - just sensible!

The following link is from an American escort agency. Although it is in the business of selling services, it also contains some good common-sense advice for the punter safety and security. The site also has a number of related articles you might find of interest on safety and some known scams (including 'bait & switch'), but it also has tips on how to get what you want, GFE/PSE, etiquette, basic procedures and so on. http://www.hotescortreviews.com/AlwaystakethesePrecautionsWhenHiringCallGirlsfortheFirstTime.html (some pages may contain popups - take usual precautions when surfing!)

You may also find some useful discussion and safety tips on the Protecting your Identity thread of this site.

Taking appropriate precautions in good time, and making them second nature, will allow you to relax on the punt and still stay safe.

To our lady members
As a forum that puts the punter first, most people seeking advice here will be punters. Yet ladies are very welcome on UKP if they accept and understand the primary ethos. The contributions of working girls that are experienced enough to see things from the punter's viewpoint are particularly appreciated.

There are a number of genuine online sources and many scams.
UK Punting cannot accept responsibility for external sites or their reliability. However, two websites that have been frequently recommended by contributors here and elsewhere are http://www.kamagranow.co.uk/ and http://www.kamagralondon.co.uk .

Finally an amusing site listing sex positions and light-hearted information about various aspects of sex:

About UKPunting

UKPunting is run by and for Punters: 'Putting the Punter First.' Ladies are welcome on the site if they are able to accept this ethos. There is no income from escort advertising. There are no secret moderators and moderators post under their own nik. The site operates willingly at a small loss in order to retain its independence.

Many thanks to Admin & other mods who all contributed to this list.
(The list will be edited by mods and Admin from time to time)

Enjoy  :drinks:

Online NIK

Just a reminder to all punters, and indeed to prostitutes too, that although paid sex can be rewarding and fun there are also many strange people of both genders involved in the business who may seek to cause you embarrassment or even harm.

I was once a victim of this myself when I upset someone on auto-censored a few years ago - unusual for me   :rolleyes:.
Fortunately in my case it was a minor inconvenience for a short time and no real harm was done. However at the same time a fellow punter and a very decent bloke, who I met a few times, almost had his life ruined by the very same crackpot. This person was actually a male, but as I say there are harmful people of both genders involved in this business.

In addition to my own and my acquaintance's bad experience I have heard of numerous other unpleasant, embarrassing or even harmful situations that have arisen as a result of being involved in the paid sex scene, whether as a client or a service provider.

Please try to ensure your  safety and security by keeping personal information just that - personal. Before revealing anything about yourself stop and think - can I trust this person?
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