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Author Topic: If I don't answer the phone text me and I'll get back asap...  (Read 995 times)

I have called ladies who did not answer and she has texted me back tactfully saying to call again, more than once this happened.

Offline Herecomesbod

I love it when you do text and they do not reply for a couple of days but expect you to remember who the hell they are, and that you have put off punting until you heard from her.

Offline smiths

but they never do  :thumbsdown:

I never text newbies to me initially, i require a chat with them, so if i get a text saying that i will ring them back a bit later knowing they might be punting with another punter. If i then dont get an answer i will go elsewhere but might try the newbie WG again in the future if i like the look of her.

Unless i have agreed a WG shouldnt text or call me back anyway though, its all about discretion to me, i show it and expect it back.
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Offline potato

but they never do  :thumbsdown:

I think that's probably what they should do unless you text them and clearly specify when they can text/call you back again i.e. please call/text me before x pm for a booking today or only txt daytimes between x and x.  Only in the area today and tomorrow etc., Discretion rules !

Offline PuntingPete

I don't see the problem, if they don't get back to you then move on. It means they are either unavailable or unreliable.

If I send a text I always say 'text/call anytime' or something similar, just to make it clear there is no chance of dropping me in it.  :sarcastic:

I'm another one who can be texted/called without any problem.

But I recently contacted a woman on AW who didn't respond so I saw someone else.  Fast forward the best part of a week or so and I got a text from her, offering an appointment that lunchtime.  I accepted, even though I had an appointment for 24 hours later [which I immediately cancelled].

It was the worst appointment I've had in a long time.  I'm not sure whether or not the woman was drunk and the only thing which stopped me posting a negative report on here was that, somehow [I'm not quite sure how], I managed to cum.

Beware the woman who's not available to talk to when you ring! :scare:

Offline Dani

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Beware the woman who's not available to talk to when you ring! :scare:

Now I would have thought it would be beware the woman who can always answer her phone as that would mean she is never busy, if she is never busy it can only mean she is crap at her job and gets no repeat visits

Thanks for correcting me, Cassie.  Perhaps I should have said, "Beware the WG who wakes up one morning with no bookings but a number on her phone she hadn't answered!" :scare:

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