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Offline Mwtp

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This one was a few weeks back, just haven't got round to posting it earlier.

She did not look like her pictures that much.  I'm pretty sure it was her though.  Looking closer at the pictures, she has a lot of make-up on.  Her body is as good as the pictures, but the face less so.  I can deal with that, she was pretty enough.

She has an auto reply set up asking her to text.  Calls won't get answered.  Texts are replied with poor English.  Agreed the time, for an hour.  Arrived, and text when outside.  She said she was in the shower, give her a few more minutes.  It was a hotel in the city centre, so easy enough to vanish and waste some time waiting.  This turned into a 25 minute wait, with constant "just a few more mins."  Eventually she said she was ready.  I was back at the door, but she hadn't actually told me a room number.  She then started asking where I was.  I told her she still hadn't got the room number.  Eventually I was given it.

I went in, and decided to take the stairs (at a run, so I was a little sweatier than I'd have liked, but otherwise freshly showered).  I was met at the door by her wearing jeans and a jumper.  I wasn't bothered by that, I hadn't specified she wear anything specific, and it's all the same when it's a pile on the floor.  Dealt with the money immediately.  I said I'd have to make it half an hour instead, since she was so late in starting, and I'd made plans for the evening.  My friend was driving over to mine, and I'd told him to arrive a little later especially so it wouldn't disrupt my plans.

She told me to remove my clothes, then moved to the other side of the bed and removed hers.  Her body really was amazing.  First asked if this was my first time.  I said no, as it wasn't.  She told me to lie down, got on the bed and applied a condom.  She began with oral (she replied to a text while performing).  Not really being my thing, I quite quickly decided to change it around a bit.  Told her to lie down.  She did so, and grabbed hold and pushed me into her.  Not quite what I was going for, especially so soon, but I just went with it.

She then lay there, letting me do all the work, saying "come baby" over and over.  It really wasn't that appealing at that point, and i was struggling to actually achieve much (I don't mean keeping it up, I'm young and reasonably healthy, just wasn't enjoying it).  I asked her to get on top, see how that went.  She said ok, but hurry up and come.  I lay down, she climbed on top.  She did a reasonable job, when I tried to touch her, she said no.  She was texting the whole time, which was a little off putting.

It was almost 10 minutes in, and knowing I'd booked half an hour, I used a lot of willpower (I am able to manipulate myself using meditative techniques, but only a little, and only if I can focus), and tried to speed it up.  It wasn't very enjoyable, so I could focus on it quite easily.  I managed to persuade myself it was enjoyable, and after that I started enjoying it.  I actively pushed forward, rather than holding back, as I would usually, and it was over really fast then.

Now thinking I still had 20 minutes, that'd give me a few minutes to recharge the batteries, then go again.  She gave me some tissues to clean up, then got dressed.  she was then actively hurrying me to get dressed and leave.  While I was dressing, she made a call and spent the rest of the time talking in Romanian.  I left and took the stairs down.  Had I known she was going to chuck me out right after, I'd have not rushed.  I had actively made myself go faster, to make time for a second go round.

Now before I had gone in, I had spent time watching the entrance, looking for anything out of place.  It being a cheaper hotel, I saw plenty of rough looking characters.  Being quite a master of spotting the things out of the ordinary (I used this skill often at a previous place of employment, it served me well.  I did run into trouble outside of work because of it though.  Got jumped by two junkies I had thrown out repeatedly, resulting in a broken nose, lots of blood, and lots of bruising.  Nothing life threatening thankfully), I wasn't too concerned by anything I saw, but made note of two men.  Not together, but they both caught my attention  One was black, well built, not out of place exactly, but just a mild concern.  The other white, mid 40's, smaller build, but had the look of a fighter.  Being short (about 5' 4 to 5' 5), unobtrusive, having a very youthful/innocent appearance, and not particularly threatening, they didn't give me a second glance.

So, back to my main point.  On the way out, I took the stairs.  This was obviously slower, as I was in no rush.  When I reached the ground floor  the second guy I had spotted was in the foyer walking towards me/the lifts and stairs.  I walked towards the doors, and as he approached he looked directly at me, in the eyes.  He had a scowl as he did so.  Had I taken the lift, I would have been down earlier, and likely seen him outside.  It's a public enough place that I wasn't concerned about being attacked or robbed, far too many people for that, so it's likely (assuming I wasn't paranoid and they were related somehow) he was trying to time it he'd get back after I'd left.  She had been making a call, likely saying she was done.  She would likely have given a description, hence his staring directly at me, where before I had not even been a blip on his radar.

He was mid 40's, maybe an inch or two taller than me, so 5' 5 to 5' 7.  Quite skinny, but appeared lightly toned.  He's likely an alcoholic or drug addict, based on appearance.  His face was pockmarked, which aged him loads, so he could have been a lot younger, just aged by a hard life and lots of drinking.  He carried himself in a way that suggested to me he was a fighter, handy with his fists.  Hair light, not greying, but shaved short.  A couple of days worth of stubble, again quite light.  If anybody does decide to give her a visit, I'd be wary of him.  I'd not want to meet him alone down a dark alley.  He struck me as her pimp, hating her for seeing other men, and hating the men who see her more.

I admit, I was pretty nooby about seeing women, and having had a very good first visit, my caution was much lower than it had been to begin with.  It was still not that bad, and the ultimate goal was achieved, with no harm to myself.  I learned a valuable lesson.  I know what to avoid on a profile (her feedback was 0, but not hidden then.  Not confirmed, so had to be feedback only from me).  Most of what I learned is from here of course, but that experience gives context to what a lot of people are saying.  From now on, I will be a LOT more careful.  Saying that, I did google earth the hotel entrance and surrounding area first, and tried to identify back ways in and out while on the ground.  I did a good job on scouting the whole thing beforehand.

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Online Pauluk1

Where was she when you saw her.  Listed as being in Cambridge now.

Offline Mwtp

Coventry.  She seems to move around a bit.  The day nefore I went to her, she was listed elsewhere, then appeared back in coventry.

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