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Author Topic: Can someone translate?  (Read 641 times)

Offline potato

"Its not life as we know it, Jim"    Well,  I think the archaeologists had an easier time deciphering hieroglyphics than this - read the blogs..... She is not even consistent spelling the same words from one blog to the next! Another newbie young girl doing BB as well  :dash: 



Online James999

And I bet if you spoke to her she would claim to be at Uni :scare:

Offline Dani

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Fooking hell!!  I really struggled with that one.  The blogs are horrendous but I imagine the teenage boys will understand what the hell she is saying.

I think she is trying to spell phonetically but doing a bad job of that even........hundered instead of hundred,...grantee instead of guarantee...yoger, I assume is younger and then I gave up as my head hurts.

 :dash: Do people not realise that a profile is there to sell you, if you cannot be bothered to check your spelling, even if you do have to use spell check first, then most people will assume that you cant be bothered at all and it is not very inviting is it.

The profile is the most important thing a prossie has.  It is her advert to sell her product.  If it looks crap and the spelling is absolutely appalling then it is not worth even having it.

I can understand when English is not your first language but Jeez this is really bad

Not giving her the benefit of the doubt, but there were one or two things about this Profile which made me think it might be an ex-bf getting his own back.

E.g.: Although the profile starts off by saying, "Am 18; have just started in the Business" [excuse me for translating the Profile into English! ;)], her age is shown as 22.  Also her "Blog" reads like some young person's very bad attempt to make her sound raunchy.

Just a thought.

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