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Author Topic: any info romanian girl in croydon  (Read 1140 times)

Offline Sparky22


Looks good but could be so bad for all the known reasons previously posted ~ any ideas

I like the first picture with pink Bikini top on

In her gallery though there are pictures with a rather unflattering belly.... And she looks like she likes a fag...
First picture peaked my interest, the rest cooled it again

Offline rpg

Feedback is iffy to say the least.

Offline Mr Choosey

Proper iffy. How do these girls expect to get business with shoddy profiles. Men demand honesty! Oh the irony.

Offline theysaywhit

Did u see the girl? She looks hot, I'd be tempted if anyone's already taken the plunge lol

Offline wild3jeff

Go for it. Met Natascha when she toured Cambridge 3 months ago. Typical 'pls text me' response to my initial call. In fact, up till the point we met, all communication was via text. I had every intention of walking out if it turned out to be a B&S - and loads of time - so I did not really mind at that time.

Surprisingly turned out to be the girl in the pics. Very good English, a nice body (a banging ass!) and a welcoming attitude. Very physically flexible too. Watching herself contort in the floor-to-ceiling mirror while we fucked seemed to arouse her a great deal. My impression was that she was quite the voyeur.

Downside, if at all? Oral was covered despite profile saying otherwise and she did warn (beforehand) she doesn't/didn't kiss. Not exactly a dealbreaker for me since I never stick my tongue down the throats of WGs who smoke.

All in all, a good way to spend 30 mins.

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