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Author Topic: Bulgarian Horny Naughty Girl Bracknell  (Read 1821 times)

Offline SSPete

Has anyone seen this girl?


It's been a few months since my last punt and I like the look of her, but always go into this very warily (married, young kids, and less importantly, I hate getting ripped off!).

If you haven't seen her, any observations would be appreciated.


Offline tda666

In the same boat as you too regarding wife, kids, cash etc. so understand how important it is to get a result. If she is your type I would say the profile is pretty good. Not a lot of FB but all good and dates look genuine, plenty of details but not to much bollocks written.
I would say give her a call and see how the comms go. Hopefully you can report back with a great report.

Good luck

How did you get on ?( no pun intended) She looks just my type

Offline SSPete

She has moved from Bracknell to Croydon overnight! Think I will monitor the profile for a week or so before contact, I could be being overly cynical but something not quite right possibly.

Offline Hangerman

I put her on my hotlist back in jan when she was based in Guildford for about two months since then she has been on the move last month few months stopping about 3 days in each place... Kingston, Basingstoke, Bracknell, Stevanage, Crawley, Gatwick etc etc etc

Offline SSPete

Naïve question possibly but does this mean her profile is not genuine, or maybe that she's being pimped?

Offline Jagman

I saw her in Guildford at the travelodge a few weeks ago. Not very inspiring, no kissing, very brief light BJ before on with the rubber and laid there like a dead fish. A level not available. Strong smell of cigarettes and was more interested in watching the music videos on the TV than paying attention to me. Wouldn't bother again thats for sure.

Offline SSPete

Jagman, that is much appreciated (though sorry you had a bad punt), brief light BJs are one of my pet hates!

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