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Author Topic: The Phillipines  (Read 3749 times)

Anyone been to or got advice on the Phillipiness good or bad things to say..please post it  0ther than...Manila..Angeles and Subic are  the only locations  I have been to....... or have  experiance in to  WGS......  so can not give a opion to other locations. I am heading back this time for good to either Thailand or the PI ...has nearly retired...no still i my 50s

Offline Jim59

Always preferred Singapore for WGs when I went on business. Top of Orchard St good although some hotels might not allow them to come back to your room. I stayed at the Royal on Scotts and they didn't seem to mind

Offline Marmalade

Where do you actually prefer? PI is cheaper and the girls mostly are less robotic than the Thais but there again most of PI is not that lovely a place to visit. Thailand is a pleasant country. If you decide that PI is your best option, I am happy to help you by PM find a place that is very civilised there but still with ok access to pussy.

Offline scottbowe

I've had some good punts in Geylang in SG, decent VFM and kinda fun, though I know the best is yet to come!  Orchard was kinda divey..

Offline Jerboa

The switched on expat Imports a hot Filipina Into LOS.

Offline Greenman

Punted in Cebu for years

Silver dollar is famous
VIP room is closed though but paradise vally short time hotel is 2 mins away for £3 for three hours
Girls are happy with short time of £12-14 
On the street down to £5-7 and hotel

Doesn't take much to get a girl in te shopping centres amd are happy woth a tenner

Some stunners.
They all love te white man and dream of marrying one
Hence I'm always a air traffic controller who has just moved to Cebu :D

Offline Marmalade

I've not been to Cebu and wonder if it is worth the extra airfare?

Manila must be one of the cheapest places left in Asia for punting where the options are not as ugly as Thailand or Cambodia. There are a few isolated places near Subic Bay that are like heaven, but mostly it seems like a trade off between cheap pussy and living day-to-day in a country that always (sadly) looks like the back end of a tsunami, earthquake, flood, aided by gross inefficiency, and a sprinkiling of volcanic dust just to fuck things up even more.

I don't want film-star-price beaches in Cebu, but would like to know if it is "all things considered" a cost-effective option . . .

Offline Jerboa

Not sure how things are in Cebu, didn't they get hit hard by the recent Typhoon?

Offline Greenman

Cebu is just one big city with million people live there

Worth it for maybe a week for mango avenue 10 bars
Silver dollar
2 massive shopping centres better then metro or trafford centre
Easy to pick freelancers up there for a tenner
Or Robinson's next to Osama circle where I get approached 2/3 times a day
Even got a freelancer when getting my nails done and buying a coffee
Stop in a hotel in the circle as walking distance to the action

Colon is hard core for street action through the day
Dodgy at night unless your experienced in it

And the famous basket ball court is an experience

International sex guide as a full section on Cebu
Mannilla is more expensive and hotels Pricy so your better going to Angeles city
One of the most famouse mongrels paradise in the world

Everyone has to go there just once

I go most years and will retire into paradise ther island hopping is really for experienced mangers

Offline Greenman

Typhoon was different island and many Provence girls are coming to cebu to make a bit of cash after the dreadful typhoon

Offline Jerboa

Typhoon was different island and many Provence girls are coming to cebu to make a bit of cash after the dreadful typhoon

Ok so you are helping the girls support their families, that's good news, who needs oxfam? :)

Offline Marmalade

I think I'll maybe try it next time I'm that way. Manila is not exactly a lovely place (apart from mongering) and Angeles - well, you love it or hate it - very artificial and you have to work out which of the girls are go-ers and which are 'cherry-girls' (there to tempt you inside the bars and spend money but mostly won't have sex even if you pay their barfine). Return flight to Cebu looks like about £50 from Manila, which might save the hassle of going downtown from Manila airport.

Offline Greenman

Do your research on Isg and you will have a great time plenty freelancers too which are happy for a tenner and if you think your a expat relocating you will get the special treatment ickes your a keeper

I am Filipino so I know quite a lot about punting in the Philippines. I live in Cebu (Central Philippines). Less populated and it has a lot of tourist attractions. Girls would fuck for as low as 600php or 10quid (maybe more if you're white). I also believe that it is much more safer than Manila or Angeles. Avoid bar girls though, they are overpriced plus they are not the best looking. Accommodation and transport is cheap. Getting a taxi is like 2 quid a journey. Also if you want more tips, ask the driver on where you can pick up girls. Just don't forget to give him a bit of tip.
Hope this helps! Happy punting!

Offline frame

I always go to angeles city in the Philippine since 1990 3 times year stay at the america hotel
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